So is what you're saying, Bob, that the owners of the FED are the creditors?


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>By: Scott Vaught
>They write the checks, we pay. It's exactly like a spouse running up
>debt on the other.
>Being under commercial law is really what does away with constitutional
>rights. And they have done away with "demurrer", which is "prove why you
>make this charge of wrongdoing", so the burden of proof falls on the
>defendant to prove innocence, and the burden of the ambiguity of bad law
>and frivolous charges falls on the defendant, too.
>The weirdest thing is that not many lawyers know that they could
>effectively put the case in another court by not accusing the other
>party or the court of wrongdoing in the way that they respond to utterly
>foul play. It's much easier in another court, meaning not under
>commercial law at all. Most lawyers don't know the rules or when they
>are under one system or the other, only the judge knows, and he isn't
>telling. That's a perverse application of "ignorance of the law is no
>excuse", even defense lawyers have no clue.
>--- In, Arlene Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Is this true, that we, the people, are the creditors? Please comment
>on this. It is my understanding that the owners of the Federal Reserve
>Bank are the creditors, that this is why they want to keep us alive so
>we can pay the debt until such time as they deem that we die. This is
>why seat belts have become mandatory.
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>>                                               By: Scott Vaught
>>       It has been said that all systems of Law provide Remedy and
>Recourse. I have come to understand, that this well hidden feature in
>Law, is not for our benefit. But, heaven forbid, to specifically
>preventing those self same Laws from ever applying equally to those who
>make them!
>>      To facilitate this hidden feature in Law, laws are written in
>Code through the use of Legalese, wherein the meaning of the words do
>not follow the definitions of the same words used in common speech or,
>as defined in our English Dictionaries. The primary purpose of
>legislative Law is to conceal the meaning. Not to reveal it! This
>forever keeps the interpretation of the intent and application of Law in
>the monopoly control of government institutions and our
>government�'s Courts.
>>       In Errie Rail Road –v- Thompkins  (1938), the U.S Supreme
>Court Ruled: �"The United States is a Bankrupt Nation in
>Receivership to this Nation�'s Creditors;�" And,
>> �"All Law is Commerce!�"
>>       Virtually all accents are placed on the significance of the
>National Bankruptcy and the greater Land-Mark Ruling: �"All Law is
>Commerce,�" is generally ignored. Since all Commerce is through
>Contract, all Law is now through �"Contract!�"  If this does not
>open your eyes, at the risk of insulting your intelligence, permit me to
>explain. All Rights secured in our written Constitutions, are Common Law
>Rights. Common Law Rights can only be claimed in Article III Courts of
>common Law.  Those U.S. Courts were abolished in 1966. They have been
>replaced with Article I Courts of Equity (Contract Law). There are no
>secured Rights in Equity. Equity is: �"an interest�" and our
>high Court Ruled over two hundred years ago: �"An Interest has no
>rights, only a flesh and blood person has rights secured in the
>>        At the �"Conference of the Governors of the States,�"
>each of the governors of the several States, pledged: �"Our Lives,
>Our Liberty, Our Future Labor, and All Private Property, to the Bankrupt
>Federal Government, as Surety for the National Debt!  Every American
>Citizen is and has been sold into Economic Slavery.  Enters, the
>�"Uniform Commercial Code,�" now the Supreme Law of the Land!
>>      In Contract Law, we are familiar with the terms:
>�"Creditor�" and �"Debtor.�"  But in this immediate
>matter, we fail to understand who we are!  If I lend you $100.00, I
>become the Creditor and you become the Debtor.  If on the other hand, I
>borrow $100.00 from you, you become the Creditor and I the Debtor.
>>      Now, let us return to review Errie Rail Road –v- Thompkins
>(1938). The �"United States�" is a Bankrupt Nation, in
>Receivership to: the �"Nation�'s Creditors.�"  Note: The
>Federal and State Governments are Bankrupt, NOT THE PEOPLE!  And to
>remedy this status, the Governors of the several States, pledged
>(Loaned) the Lives, Liberty, Future Labor, and all Private Property
>�"of the people,�" to the Bankrupt Federal and State governments
>as surety for the National Debt.  Question, Who made the Loan? Who
>received the benefit?  The Governors of the States only pledged, they
>didn�'t lend anything, they were also bankrupt! So now, once again:
>Who loaned, and who received the benefit?  We-the- People
>�"loaned�" and the Bankrupt Federal and State governments
>received the benefit!
>>     Thus, as the Lender, we the people are each the
>�"Creditor�" and our bankrupt government is the
>�"Debtor.�"  Therefore, we are the Creditors, to whom the
>Bankrupt Federal and State governments (Debtors) are in Receivership!
>>        Enters, UCC, (The Uniform Commercial Code), providing: Remedy
>and Recourse.
>>      The pledging of our lives, liberty, future labor, and private
>property without our knowledge or consent would have been an act of
>treason, except Remedy and Recourse is provided. The UCC also known as:
>�"Law Merchant Code,�" provides Remedy and Recourse, but only to
>the select few who understand its function. The single provision
>providing that Remedy and Recourse is UCC 1-207, (now superceded) by UCC
>>      We each have as an inalienable right, to unlimited power to
>contract via our Signature. We have the right to Contract and the right
>not to Contract. But, it is not the Contract itself that diminishes or
>removes our rights and status as Sovereigns. It is our entering into a
>contract as the Debtor!  This is done by our failure to reserve our
>rights �"at Law,�" when entering a valid contract.  With our
>rights reserved, we are the Merchant / Creditor and the other party or
>parties to the Contract become the �"Debtor/s.�"
>>       In essence, with properly reserved rights we are and continue to
>be the private Merchants over our own Commercial affairs.  However,
>should we fail to reserve our rights over our signature, our rights are
>waived, and we become the �"Debtor!�"  In which case, your ens
>legis name, spelled in all capital letters,  (a legal fiction and
>creature of Law) binds you as a legal fiction (You Incorporated), to the
>terms of the Contract as the �"Debtor,�" and the other party or
>parties thereto, become the �"Creditor!�"
>>           The U.S. is Bankrupt, the States are Bankrupt, the Federal
>Reserve is Bankrupt and the Fiat Currency (Federal Reserve Notes), while
>�"legal tender�" is not Lawful Tender! You, the real man, are
>the only one who is not bankrupt. You and I are the
>> Until we   waive our rights   when entering a contract, by failing to
>reserve them over our signature.  The reservation of your rights
>preserves your status as a Sovereign and Creditor. You become the  
>Agent, & Secured Party   Creditor  of the ens legis (fictional)
>Strawman.  And as the Agent, Secured Party Creditor, you are the Private
>Merchant over all of your commercial affairs.
>>      When you fail to make a valid reservation of your rights when
>entering into a contract, the other party to the contract becomes the
>Merchant/Creditor and you become the Debtor!  The   "substance"  of the
>contract is your credit, which you have unknowingly loaned as it were,
>to our bankrupt government and the Federal Reserve System. And through
>Legislative and Judicial trickery, you are robbed of your status as the
>lender/ creditor and made the debtor!  Make a valid reservation of your
>rights EVERY TIME you sign your Signature on anything!  Become the
>Private Merchant over your own Commercial Affairs, and Educate Yourself!
>Or, in the alternative, remain a slave to your cruel and brutal
>taskmasters who have no mercy on self imposed stupidity!
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