Included in this email;
~ Expose of Three Black Ops Agents:
  John Mecca, Debbie Lamb, Attorney John Phillips
~ John Mecca's Public Post on Radioactivists Yahoo Groups
Either this article will be of use or it will not. This expose runs parallel to the events described in a legal Affidavit posted on www.Rense.com. http://www.rense.com/general72/esp.htm
Affidavit also published by Greg Szymanski www.arcticbeacon.com
Target writes:
I have no agenda other than to post the truth and let the world know about the 3 Black Ops Agents cited below. It is important to be aware of who the real perpetrators are though I realize it is difficult to discern who is legitimate and who is not. All I can do is post the truth. I have no control over what people believe.
Compare my article with Mr. Mecca's at the bottom and decide for yourself, who is the psycho puppy. I have added my own commentaries to give the reader a good idea of the dirty tricks and tactics used by Black Ops as well.
Fall 2002 - By this time, I knew that the attempted murder, death threats, home break-ins, phone taps, stalking, Electro Magnetic assaults, prowlers and thefts -- were all carried out by U.S. shadow government Black Operations -- with the periodic help of Time-Warner Cable trucks parked unnoticed on the street.
I had been on one of my then, rare trips to Tijuana Mexico. When I arrived home in Palm Desert that evening with my dog, I noticed that there were several large dog prints and foot prints circling my house. It had been raining earlier and the prints were clearly embedded in the sand. Also a light was on which I was always careful not to leave lit. Other things were also amiss so it became apparent that black ops had not only illegally entered my home -- but wanted me to know it.
<This is the U.S. government’s way of stating that they are above the law and will enter your house any time they please. It is also to be viewed as a threat.>
Days later, because of the continued death threats, stalking and the blatant criminality I was having to endure -- even by the Palm Desert Sheriffs Dept -- I was determined to privately gather evidence against the government. I called every detective agency in the Yellow Pages until I came across an ex-secret service Private Investigator "C" (full name not disclosed for legal purposes) who knew about covert government assaults with EM weapons. He was also in the midst of helping an ex-DEA (male) agent who had been earmarked for non-consentual experimentation. That's all I can remember.
Soon after talking to "C", I hired him to spend the night in my house to gather evidence.
"C" also told me he found a website that dealt with this kind of government assault. It was John Mecca's website http://www.us-government-torture.com . I went to the website and called the contact number it listed.
John Mecca answered and we soon began to communicate frequently by phone and email as I desperately needed to understand what was going on. Mecca was very eager to explain in great detail how government Black Ops worked. He explained the basis for mind-control, the hierarchy of COINTELPRO agents and what 'handlers' are and how they work. He told me horror stories of people being drugged, implanted and murdered daily and that there was an extermination plan in effect aimed specifically at annihilating women over 40 years old. He constantly warned me that I was in grave danger. Mecca also insisted that government agents were probably drugging my water and that anything left unsealed in my refrigerator might very well be laced with chemicals or poison.
He informed me that the ACLU, TV, newspapers, ALL media and ALL law enforcement including FBI, CIA, DEA, local police, etc., are ALL 100% corrupt and compromised. Sewn up. And when I suggested that I would leave the USA, his reply was "you cannot get away from them. Even if you flee to another country."
Mecca kept pushing me to purchase more dead bolts for the front door and especially for my bedroom because if the stalkers broke in while I was asleep, they would definitely kill me. He also kept pushing me to buy a gun -- neither of which I did.
<Most of this information which John Mecca imparted was accurate but it was embellished to create terror and fear. This is a classic Black Ops tactic as it terrorizes a person and helps to unbalance them.>
John Mecca loudly complained of being Electronically severely attacked on a daily basis and was emphatic about having been implanted with tracking devices while insisting -- amidst my denials -- that I too had been implanted.
<This is done to make the person believe they are permanently and hopelessly branded.>
Mr. Mecca seemed to have an inordinate amount of knowledge which he claimed was because he had been targeted by the U.S. shadow government for so long. Knowing nothing of so-called infiltrators or perps.  I had no reason not to believe him.
He was even invited to meet Bush. John Mecca was so flattered that he was going to be introduced to the President of the United States of America, he couldn't resist telling me about it. I did however ask him what he intended to say to Bush in light of his being assaulted for so many years. But Mecca just avoided the question.
A few days later, John Mecca informed me that he had received an email from "C" saying that "C" did not believe a word I told him ?and was simply interested in getting the balance of the money from me
"How could "C" not believe me when he is helping an ex-DEA agent who is having the same problem that I am?" I asked.
Mecca replied," I will forward the email I just received from "C" and you can read it for yourself."
The email I received was forwarded from Mecca with "C"'s email exact  heading. It read; "That client, Leslie Oliver is a real pain. She is delusional. I just want her to pay the balance of my bill because she's a real 5150 paranoid."
Needless to say, after reading that email, I was furious with "C". But I also didn't understand what a "5150 paranoid" was.  I later learned "5150 paranoid" is the excuse used -- under cover of law -- to discredit dissidents who speak out against the US government, by committing them to a mental ward.
I forwarded the actual email and then confronted "C" with what was to me, 'undeniable proof'.   
"C" still denied sending it. He explained that Black Ops can easily send emails from any address with the use of the program, Magic Lantern.
Quite frankly, I did not believe him. I thought that he was lying. And I was dead wrong.
< Magic Lantern WAS used to fraudulently create an email from "C" 's address and is one of the many dirty tricks employed by Black Ops agents.
I would like to note: I have never felt that "C" was complicit in introducing me to John Mecca. It was obvious that Mecca and his handlers did not want "C" snooping around my house gathering incriminating evidence and did everything possible to ruin our relationship>
One day, Mecca informed me that he was leaving for Texas as he had been hired by Dorothy Lay ?heiress to the Lay fortune ?to investigate her home as she was literally being microwaved to death. He also added that he was being paid a substantial fee for his 'services'  though whatever those services were, was not clear.
I had been suggesting to Mecca that we make some inexpensive commercials to expose these atrocities. When he told me about Dorothy Lay, I suggested she might want to fund it, as it would benefit her as well. Mecca promised to approach her with the idea and before he even left for Texas, I had written up and sent him ideas for commercials about the murderous EM weapons, threats and stalking currently being perpetrated by our own US government. I even sent estimates to buy radio and TV air time in Washington DC, New York and California.
While he was in Texas, I called him every day and left messages on his cell phone, asking if he had approached Dorothy with this idea as it was very important for all of us that these assaults be made public. But every day that Mecca was in Texas, he had a different excuse as to why he didnt broach the subject with Dorothy.
<Are these the actions of a man who had been implanted, threatened and victimized ruthlessly with Electro Magnetic weapons for over 10 years?
No, they are not. However, they are the actions of a Black Ops agent -- ranting and raving loudly about fighting the shadow government -- but who, in reality -- will do nothing. This is very typical of compromised individuals and organizations. Nothing substantial is ever actualized.>
During Mecca's stay in Texas his Black Ops side-kick -- another bogus victim -- Debbie Lamb -- was brought into the picture. She whined and wailed on the telephone with a thick, heavy drawl about her "eye-layshes" having been "burned" by the Electro Magnetic assaults. Little did I know at the time, she was also Mecca's mind-control girlfriend.
It was during this time too, I found after another illegal home break-in -- that my DSL cable line was laid out on the dining room table -- sliced in two. This was yet one more threat of violence if I did not stop talking about doing commercials.
A few weeks after my telephone relationship with Mecca had begun, my friend, Private Investigator Roger Tolces (www.bugsweeps.com) received a call from 'an Attorney' in Valparaiso, Indiana, with offices in Chicago, who was supposedly being Electro Magnetically attacked. His name was John Phillips. Roger is known for his work in finding implants and measuring Microwaves. He gave me the phone number and told me this Attorney was expecting my call --and it might be beneficial for both of us to talk.
I asked Roger how long had this attorney been assaulted?
He said "For 2 years."
I was shocked. "2 years of attacks and he is only now beginning to wonder what is going on?"
Roger agreed it was strange.
But having an attorney who is also being targeted meant that we could perhaps begin a lawsuit.
I remember thinking, "This is a dream come true!"
And that was exactly what I was supposed to think.
<I would like to note: I have never felt that Roger was complicit in introducing me to John Phillips>
Because of the 24/7 surveillance of my emails, phone calls and every activity ?Black Ops knew everything about my friendship with Roger. They knew that if a so-called 'targeted attorney' showed up on Rogers doorstep that Roger would surely tell me about it. This would assure John Phillips' seamless entry into my life as a confidente.
In our ensuing telephone conversations, John Phillips told me that aside from being microwaved mercilessly, people talked to him every night before he went to sleep "making lude, sexual comments." And he added, "They keep saying they wish me dead."
I was horrified.
Phillips repeated over and over again that he had no privacy and that 'the voices in his bedroom'  always knew what he was thinking so he could "hide nothing from them."
However, I disagreed with him. I told him that they might know the kind of thoughts he was thinking -- but they did not know the exact content of his thoughts.
He insisted they did.
<This kind of comment is repeated to reinforce the belief that Black Ops ‘sees and knows everything?and one cannot escape from their control.>
Another subject that Phillips initiated each time I spoke with him was his past drug abuse. Attorney John Phillips confided that he had been a cocaine addict. There was always a pause after one of his cocaine confessions and I now realize he was hoping I might make a drug confession myself -- especially if I was under the illusion that our conversations were confidential.
<Later after I found out that all my conversations with John Phillips were recorded, I put 2+2 together and realized his seemingly-innocent stories of cocaine addiction were meant to elicit an incriminating confession from me on tape.>
His role was to help set me up by getting evidence on tape.
However, no confession on my part was forthcoming.
I had nothing to confess.
Instead, I kept congratulating him for going through the 12-steps program and sticking to it.
And I meant it. At that point, I did not suspect he was a perp and was genuinely interested in his recovery. But talking about the details of his spiritual life did not interest Phillips -- he preferred to speak of cocaine.
Very soon after first speaking with Attorney John Phillips, I referred Mecca to him -- in reality they already knew each other and were working together. They played their roles well.
Phillips insisted that it was indeed remarkable Mecca knew as much as he did.  At one point, he even asked me if I thought Mecca was a perp.
I answered emphatically, "No, not John Mecca".
When I repeated that same conversation to Mecca, he sounded extremely irritated with John Phillips.
I then asked John Mecca straight out, "You’re not an agent are you?"
In a sincere tone of voice, he replied, "Absolutely not."
Mecca later told me that John Phillips was going to hire him to gather evidence. After hearing this, I remember calling Phillips and offering to help also obtain evidence in a joint effort. He put me off.
Funny too--John Phillips never hired Roger to investigate and find out where the "voices" were coming from or to measure the microwaves supposedly being beamed into his house.
In one of the last conversations with John Phillips, the attorney, he was kind enough to offer 'free legal advice' -- if you can call it that.
He suggested I purchase a gun to "shoot the stalkers".
I could hardly believe that a legitimate lawyer would suggest this.
"John, you are actually suggesting I shoot the people driving past my house --with a real gun?"
He was very non-chalant. "Yes. If it were me -- I would."
This was his legal advice. It was incredulous.
"You would SHOOT someone, John? Isn't that called attempted murder?"
"Only if you get caught,"
Obviously the man was desperate to get me to do something illegal.
After months of writing letters to the ACLU, Senators, Congressmen, the corrupt Attorney General in Indio, Chief of Police, to no avail, I reverted to faxing local newpapers, radio and TV stations. I also began to send emails to activists and contacted alternative media websites with my story.
I wrote up a one-page flyer of the symptoms of EM weapons to alert my neighbors as to how the government was doing illegal surveillance. I stuffed it into everyones mailbox in the area and put the notice through mail slots in Palm Desert stores. Of course, I told John Mecca about it. He wanted to know the exact mailboxes where I had put the notices.
This is also when Black Ops assaults began to escalate in an effort to stop me from exposing them in the Coachella Valley. The local Palm Desert Sheriffs office is 100% complicit in helping Black Ops and many of the perpetrators who threatened me were 'moonlighting' police officers in the surrounding areas, like La Quinta and Palm Springs.
At this juncture, John Mecca suddenly began a campaign to get me to move in with him in NYC. He put his mind-control girlfriend, Debbie Lamb on the telephone extension to say she had just moved there herself from Texas and did so for protection. Every time I spoke to Mecca, he nagged me to sell everything and come live in his house in Queens, NY. He even hinted that Dorothy Lay was going to move in, as well. Another total lie.
He kept repeating "We will protect each others backs from those murdering government agents."
I told him "no" repeatedly. The offer was ridiculous.
I am a native New Yorker with loads of friends and family there. Until I got targeted by the US government, I led a very rich and active life. I also know many people on both coasts. To imagine that if I did move back to NYC --which was never a consideration -- that I would entertain moving in with John Mecca and Debbie Lamb in Queens was absurd. And although I still believed Mecca was 'one of the good guys',  I also thought he was abrasive, pushy, and coarse. Talking to him could be an emotional drain and in order get off the phone, I humored him a few times. " Uh huh. Sure. I'll come to NY."
But I had no intention of going there. Ever.
(As noted in my Affidavit which has been published on http://www.rense.com/general72/esp.htm,)
One day, as I walked out of Kinkos and about 5 cars started to swarm me. I was afraid to drive my car so I started to walk. The harassment on on Hwy 111 from Kinkos was unbelievable. As I walked, I was also then afraid they would pull me into one of their cars because one of them got out and showed me a switchblade knife to terrify me out. It worked. I had an instinct to shove my laptop into a shallow storm drain in Palm Desert -- which I did -- and then tried to hail a cab. But no one stopped and by this time I was in a total panic. So I took off my thong shoes in an effort to run faster. I should have held onto them but I let them drop as I was very frightened. I suddenly realized I looked very strange with no shoes on but it was too late. I walked into the Burger King barefoot -- was served a Coke -- and the police appeared.
They put handcuffs on me because I was barefoot -- though--they said-- I was not arrested. The policeman searched me and found no drugs. He put me into the police car and drove to where my car was parked at Kinkos, searched it (illegally) looking for my laptop and then took me to the "Oasis Mental Hospital" in Indio where I was admitted as a "5150 paranoid" -- in an effort to discredit any of the reports I had previously made or intended to make in the future.
The Oasis Mental Health Facility in Indio is a Black Ops operation if I ever saw one. I was absolutely horrified at the corruption. But what really surprised me was within one hour of my arrival, two of the nurses asked me if I was "going to New York City".
I couldnt believe what I was hearing.
I said, "I am NOT going to New York! Who told you that?"
The only person who could have given them this information was John Mecca which meant he had already spoken with them before I arrived.
<I believe they wanted me to say out-loud that I was going to NYC because the whole facility is bugged and they needed evidence of my being 'en route somewhere'-- as this is their most favorite way of 'disappearing people'>
During the 72 hours in the 'government loony bin' I realized many things. I figured out that John Phillips was a Black Ops attorney.
To my amazement, John Mecca called me at the mental ward the very first night. I was extremely surprised to hear from him and asked how he knew where I was. He gave me another one of his 'cock and bull stories'.
I immediately told him that John Phillips was a perp.
Mecca actually laughed and said, "Oh. So you figured that out."
It was the next time I spoke to John Mecca that he gave himself away.
I don't remember exactly what he said which gave him away, but I knew instantly he was an agent.
I blurted out, "YOU are a PERP!"
Mecca replied almost meekly, "No, I'm not."
I said, "YES you are! I KNOW you are! You're a perp!"
Obviously, Mecca did not believe I was going to live to tell this story because he then yelled into the phone to whoever was recording the conversation;
"Dont worry, we already have her saying she is going to New York!"
He was reminding them that they already had evidence on tape of me saying that I would go to New York. And this is when I found out all my conversations had been recorded. Their facade was beginning to crumble, exposing Mecca for the shadow government agent he is.
Suddenly Debbie Lamb -- who had been silently listening on the extension --and Mecca began the strangest harangue of threats and curses that I have ever heard.
It was done in repetition like A CHANT. Pure and simple. Both of them in-sinc with one another as they repeated over and over, threats like -- "you are going to die soon", "they are going to kill you", "you will not live another day ?we will make sure."
Over and over they kept chanting these threats until I slammed the phone down.
I had to go and lie down on my bed to simply recover from the unbelievable dialogue that I just heard on the phone. I did not know anything about secret societies like Skull & Bones or the Illuminati. I only knew that some very, very bizarre events were occurring around me.
I quieted my agitated mind, relaxed deeply and told myself to stay innerly balanced -- as more of the truth would reveal itself in time. It has.
And that is why I am making public what I know at this time.
And by the way-- they did try to kill me the day I signed myself out of the Oasis Mental Facility but I was protected by Divine Intervention.
And I always will be-- no matter what destiny lies before me.
John Mecca, Debbie Lamb and Attorney John Phillips are Black Ops agents.
All telephone conversations with the any of them are recorded.
The Email below was posted PUBLICLY on the RadioActivists Forum about me by JOHN MECCA himself -- SENT from his alternative EMAIL ADDRESS.
NOTE: He disguises himself as a third party.
Sat, 24 Dec 2005 19:09:34 -0000
[radioactivists] MC & Leslie Oliver
&& &&&&&&&
Psycho Leslie is a Sick Puppy spread the word.
The device that may help give relief ( jammer device ) was invented by
a poor inventor/victim who I spoke to and he tells me that he
personally coached Leslie Sicko on the phone so she could build one.
http://www.us-government-torture.com/KIT.html After helping Pyscho Les
Lie she tells him about how she approaches strangers accusing them they
are perps in a Blockbuster Video Store. Later she gets arrested and
taken to an MC facility for programming to write hate articles and
false accusations against this guy who helped her. See the Jammer
diagram, countermeasures and supplaments list to decrease the effects
of the MC and spread the word. Leslie kills her friends and anyone who
helps her, for info on LesLie as they nickname her ( she's a weird
woman who is a suspect in a murder investigation too; no one should
help this programmed individual ( send to all victims and news groups


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