Richard Hayes Phillips, Citizen

September 30, 2006



Six years ago, in Florida, our country was reintroduced to the

experience of a stolen presidential election.  The Democrats were

caught off guard.  For five weeks the vanquished candidate contested

the results, but he was outlawyered and outmaneuvered, and in the end

he acquiesced to the dictates of the United States Supreme Court which,

under the Constitution, had no jurisdiction in the matter.


Two years ago, in Ohio, it happened again.  Another presidential

election was stolen, this time with greater sophistication.  The margin

of victory appeared too large to be attributed to fraud.  On the very

next day, the vanquished candidate capitulated.  Those who questioned

the results were demonized as sore losers, or marginalized as

spreadsheet-wielding internet conspiracy theorists.  A legal challenge

to the results was dismissed by the Ohio Supreme Court, and the lawyers

who brought the challenge were threatened with sanctions.


During the past few months, a small but dedicated band of patriots has

gathered the forensic evidence necessary to prove that the Ohio

election was fraudulent.  Public records requests have been submitted

to eighteen suspect counties.  Ballots, poll books, and voter signature

books from hundreds of targeted precincts have been photographed or

photocopied.  Preliminary findings have been filed against eleven

counties in Federal District Court in Columbus, and a sweeping order

has been issued protecting the ballots from destruction.


Some of the same methods that worked so well in Florida were used again

in Ohio.  Heavily Democratic precincts in Cleveland and Toledo were

targeted for selective purging of tens of thousands of voters from the

rolls.  In heavily Democratic precincts in Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton,

Cleveland, Canton, Warren City, and Mansfield, ballots were punched in

advance for third-party presidential candidates, causing tens of

thousands of voters to spoil their own ballots by casting overvotes.

The unused ballots could have told the tale, but they have been

destroyed, in violation of records retention laws.  That is a felony.


Other methods were developed especially for Ohio.  Voting machines were

deliberately withheld from heavily Democratic precincts in Columbus,

creating long lines at the polls that disenfranchised tens of thousands

of voters who could not stand in line for the duration.  Voters in

Cleveland in Akron were allowed to take their ballots to voting

machines for the wrong precincts, so that votes intended for Democratic

candidates were counted as votes for their opponents.  Ballots were

shifted from precinct to precinct in Warren County so that votes

intended for Kerry were counted as votes for Bush, causing Kerry to

receive fewer votes than down-ticket Democratic candidates, and similar

patterns appeared in the election results of eleven other counties.

Stacks of ballots in Delaware and Butler counties were found to have

been sorted according to candidate, with hundreds of consecutive

ballots for George W. Bush, indicating that fake ballots could have

been substituted for real ones.  Ballots in Clermont County had little

white stickers pasted over the Kerry-Edwards mark, with the Bush-Cheney

oval filled in.  In Miami County, the official numbers of ballots cast

failed to match the numbers in the poll books in every single precinct.

Electronic tabulators in Butler and Auglaize counties were reprogrammed

without consent of the Boards of Elections.  Electronic voting machines

in Youngstown were programmed to default to Republican candidates.

Even now, the Diebold tabulators in Ohio are programmed to produce two

sets of numbers for ballots cast, one of which is derived by counting

absentee ballots twice.


These new-fangled electronic voting machines were introduced as an

improvement, a technological advance, to replace the punch cards that

had gained such a bad reputation in Florida.  The whole world was

watching as partisan lawyers inspected and challenged every hanging,

dimpled, and pregnant chad.  But undervotes were not the real story.

There were three times as many overvotes as undervotes in Florida.

Nearly all of the double-punched ballots contained a punch for a third-

party candidate, and three-quarters of those were punched for Gore.

That is exactly what we found in Ohio.  The only difference was the

identity of the victim.


Now the electronic voting machines are spreading across this great

nation like a cancer.  If there is no paper trail, there is no

accountability.  All we can do is audit the voter signature books to

see if the total number of ballots cast is correct; we will not know if

votes have been shifted electronically from one candidate to another;

and some states are moving to electronic signature books which,

together with electronic voting machines and electronic tabulators,

would make any meaningful audit impossible.


Even if there were an accurate paper trail on every single voting

machine, there is no way to know if the numbers reported by the machine

on Election Night actually match the paper trail, without examining the

paper – in other words, counting the ballots.  A partial audit will not

suffice, because we know from the Ohio experience that the audited

precincts will not be chosen at random.  This is why more and more

election observers are concluding that we must have paper ballots,

counted by hand, on Election Night, at the precinct level, in full

public view, no matter how long it takes, as is the procedure in most

of the great democracies of the world.


Why?  Because our elections are rigged!  It matters that our elections

are rigged!  We have no hope of changing anything through the ballot

box so long as our elections are rigged!


The question is this:  What are we going to do about it?


What if the Congress does not grant us the paper ballots that we ask

for?  What are we going to do about it?  Are we going to try to vote

them out of office on the very electronic voting machines that we

already know are not to be trusted?  Are we going to try to register

even more millions of new voters than the millions who will be

disenfranchised?  My friends, we are running out of options.


Two hundred and thirty years ago, a small but dedicated band of patriots

decided that taxation without representation is tyranny, and is sufficient

cause to overthrow the government.  King George and his ministers insisted

that the colonists had "virtual representation," because although the

colonists could not actually vote, the members of Parliament had the best

interests of the colonists at heart.  That explanation was not good enough

then, and it would not be good enough now.


Today we seem to have the right to vote.  We can go to the polls, and

go through the motions of voting.  But our votes may not be counted, or

worse yet, they may be counted for candidates not of our choosing.  We

simply do not know.  Our elections are not verifiable.  These are

virtual elections, in a virtual democracy, with virtual representation.

We have as much right to overthrow the government today as we did two

hundred and thirty years ago.  Such actions are not to be taken for

light and transient reasons.  But there was a long train of abuses

then, and there is a long train of abuses now.  The threats to our

planet, to world peace, and to our civil liberties, are as grave as the

threat to our democracy.


On the eve of the First American Revolution, few colonists thought we

could prevail against the mighty British Empire, whose navy was the

envy of the world.  But the full force of the British navy could not be

brought to bear upon America, for Britain had a global empire to

defend.  Most of her military forces were committed elsewhere in the

world.  Also, America was King George's biggest farm, and his biggest

source of raw materials.  Britain relied upon industrious American

colonists to provide the very revenue that financed their own

enslavement.  And so the colonists organized boycotts, and stopped

paying their taxes.  These actions were organized by Committees of

Correspondence, which transmitted private communications to inform

trustworthy colleagues, on a need to know basis, of impending actions

and the reasons for them.  In this time of crisis, we must learn from

their experience.


We are not going to overthrow this government through a military uprising.

That would surely bring about martial law, which would very likely subject

the entire countryside to armed occupation except for a few scattered

areas of resistance.  But we do have the advantage of knowing that

American military forces are committed elsewhere, overextended as never

before in our history.  Soldiers are being impressed against their will

for two and even three tours of duty overseas, with no formal draft to

replace them.  The time to strike is now.


The American government is running some of the largest budget deficits

in its history, spending much more money than it takes in.  It cannot

afford a steep drop in revenue at this time.  Even if the Republicans

were to increase the tax rates in response, which they do not like to

do, recent history has shown that this never results in significant

additional revenue.  It is cuts in tax rates, which stimulate economic

growth, that actually result in additional revenue.  Provided, of

course, that everyone pays their taxes.


I can see no other way to bring down this government than for millions of

us to stop paying taxes.  We must sap the government of its lifeblood.

They always say that the income tax is voluntary, so let us take them at

their word.  We don't like how they spend our money anyway.


Those who are on payrolls, and are subject to tax withholding, may find

this more difficult to do, although there are ways to reduce the amount

of withholding and, with enough creativity, ways to become self-

employed.  The rest of us have no excuse.  We must act courageously in

the face of danger, because it is far more dangerous if we do nothing.


The safest method of tax resistance is to file an honest tax return,

but pay them little or nothing.  We must do everything we can to reduce

our tax liability.  We must make ends meet by reducing expenses, not by

increasing our income.  We must volunteer our services to each other in

cooperative ventures whenever possible.  We must engage in the barter

system whenever possible.  We must become as self-reliant as possible.

We must boycott the corporations that have aligned themselves with this

government, and support local merchants instead.  I have done these

things, and so can you.


Above all, we must stop preaching to the choir.  We will not restore

the republic by communicating with each other about trivial

observations over the heavily monitored internet.  We must learn to use

pen, paper, envelopes and stamps to communicate about matters of grave

concern among trusted compatriots on a need to know basis.  We must win

this battle one convert at a time, by getting to know our neighbors.

We must have real relationships, not virtual ones, if we are to have a

real democracy, not a virtual one.  What we need are numbers, millions

of us, displaying our righteous anger, not for one day but on a

sustained basis, enough to make them afraid of us, enough to make this

country ungovernable without our consent.  Only then will they be

forced to surrender the reins of power and restore the government to

the people.  They will not do it voluntarily.  A mere display of

numbers in the streets will not suffice, because they know we cannot

vote them out of office, whereas forty years ago we could.


Most of us in this fledgling movement are getting on in years, and that

is no accident.  We are old enough to remember the days of the

republic, when elections could be won by grassroots organizing.  Now we

live in the early days of empire, with our beloved republic still a

living memory.  Succeeding generations may understand how easy it is

to hack a computer, but they will have no first-hand memory of the

republic, and will be far less likely to fight for the restoration of

liberties they themselves have never known.  My friends, it is up to

us, every one of us.  Self-governance is our heritage, our birthright.

We must finish the work of our founders, give our last full measure of

devotion, testing whether the American government will allow a velvet

revolution to succeed, knowing that those who make peaceful revolution

impossible make violent revolution inevitable.


Heaven help us all.



Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips
I have read the foregoing and with GOD AS MY WITNESS I whole heartedly concur,
It Is Up To US
Judson Brown Witham
Son Of Swamp Fox
( Clifford B. Witham II USN AirCorp WW II Deceased )

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