Bush is the worst, but Clinton isn't far behind him, because Clinton belongs to 
the same organization as does Bush's father. To really understand the 
circumstances of both these men, read the e-zine that several on this listserv 
read, the one that sits on http://www.truedemocracy.net at the icon that says 

Did you know that Clinton and Bush are friends? They are.

We can't solve problems if we don't know the truth. One man, who can't 
participate in this listserv any longer, Tom Mooney (some will remember him 
here) was a subscriber of my work because he knew that I publish the truth.


Arlene Johnson

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George W.Bush is true to form and some things never change.
GWB failing in the national guard,to his oil fields,as an owner of a 
ballteam,toward Governor where he killed more people then any Governor ever..He 
also failed and was a rich man governor to stealing an Election for President 
where he has failed since day one as the decider.
The USA was in the black left by Clinton / Gore,and a surplus given Dubya in 
Almost from day one dubya has failed,He was told by Clinton and his people to 
watch out for Bin Laden,dubya does nothing,Dybya was told by his own people 
watch out.again nothing done by bush or cheney.
And on  09-11-01 The WTC was hit,while dubya sets reading to children in 
Florida  after he knew one plane had already hit the WTC,again dubya does 
nothing continues to read (my pet goat) Andy Card enters the classroom and 
tells dubya a second plane had hit the WTC,again dubya sits like a 
dunce,looking as if he was lost , doing nothing,a complete failure,he has been 
all of his life.
And while the USA is being attacked by people from Saudi Arabia,dubya and his 
gang are making plans to fly over 110 rich Saudi back home on a FBI plane with 
all of there money while the air space in the USA was closed,And the Saudi were 
not question,again another failure by bush.
Then bush goes to war based on a lie with a country that has nothing to do with 
09-11-01 and his gang continues to tell Americans that it was Iraq that hit the 
WTC,another lie,and failure by dubya.Telling all about terror and fear.
Now after 3000 American soldiers killed,our country in debt almost $9 Trillion 
Dollars,making enemy of many  countries,and still we are losing in IRAQ because 
the Iraq leaders say the American soldiers are the reason for all the turmoil 
in IRAQ, IRAQ wants us to leave.Bush  has change his words from (stay the 
course) to Im going to continue doing what i want to in IRAQ and planning on 
another 10 to 20 thousands American soldiers back into IRAQ after many 
Generals, Commission and Senators have told this moron to get out of IRAQ,dubya 
is true to form still a failure..
Friends it is time to call,see,or write your congress person to stop spending 
in IRAQ and bring our people home,investigate haliburton,K.B.R.and other 
companies of wrong doing ,stealing from the taxpayers of the USA,bush / Cheney 
needs to be taken before congress and open the books on this gang and all of 
the wrong doing since 2001.
And let Iraq pay for its own freedom,Iraq has the second largest oil deposit in 
the world,
The family values gang of thieves are the worse ever to lead America ,All in 
leadership should be impeach, and replaced and try to get the USA back in 
order,if it can,Bush /Cheney has almost destroyed the USA ,We are broke ,and if 
not for Japan and China our (USA)economy would be heading south in a hurry..

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