While the Euro has gained substantial value against the dollar since its 
inception five years ago, those living in the euro zone are not particularly 
satisfied with the results of changing from their own national currencies to a 
single currency.  As reported by the Daily Telegraph, a majority of people in 
Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and France are unhappy with the Euro.  
(Although Germany is not mentioned, I know firsthand that many Germans also 
have complained about the high cost of living since the initiation of the new 

As the Telegraph notes, 81% of those surveyed complained that the euro "has led 
to a rise in prices".  The Telegraph describes the increasing internal 
dissatisfaction with the new currency:  "A growing number of Europeans believe 
that the biggest monetary revolution in history has done more harm than good to 
national economic growth, the job market and standards of living."

While the euro may be good for business, it was apparent to me on a recent trip 
to Spain that the cost of living in Europe has sky rocketed since the 
introduction of the euro.  That can't be good for the average citizen.

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