Please produce even a SINGLE SCINTILLA of EVIDENCE, you know Documentation that 
President Reagan empowered or appointed Leo Wanta to any OFFICIAL STATION or 
OFFICE.  Have you for instance any Congressional or Executive documentation of 
ANY KIND which gives any GRANT OF AUTHORITY to this WANTA FELLOW, bestowed upon 
him by any GENUINE OFFICIAL of the Legislative, Judicial or Executive, 
appointed, anointed or otherwise OFFICIAL ?
  Judson Witham
  Son of "Swamp Fox"
  It's an INTERESTING ARTICLE and rather full of Supposition and Conjecture 
with Anecdotal facts, BUT please Direct, Substantive Proof, you know ADMISSIBLE 

Supreme Law Firm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Wanta Know What is Really Going On?
  You MUST know!
  January 02, 2007
  by Taffy Rice
  Copyright Taffy Rice
  Powder Springs, Georgia -
  Do you 'Wanta' know; maybe you do and maybe you don't. In Georgia, 
bankruptcies are number 1 in the nation, thanks to new bankruptcy laws. Could 
that be an accident? So many property owners cannot understand the overt theft 
of their family, rights, and homes, yet the problem WILL affect EVERY American 
and the culprits are in plain view. The powers that be created a "cold war," 
which was really a 'red hot' free for all to distribute debt internationally 
and subversively. As in all moneyed schemes, the piper has to ultimately be 
paid; meet Leo Wanta, an appointed trustor of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS by President 
Ronald Reagan, intended to be distributed to America? Despite Wanta's 
diplomatic 'privilege', he was ultimately extradited from Switzerland 
supposedly for a debt relating to Wisconsin back taxes in an abrupt and 
suspicious fashion. (Can't imagine the use of government to deny lawful 
behavior by Americans...familiar tactic, isn't it!?) And so begins the coming 
to pass of
  Henry Paulson, the former chairman and chief executive of investment banking 
powerhouse Goldman Sachs (a 9/11 benefactor) and Bush appointee to the Treasury 
Department upon appointment, stated the American debt was "manageable," during 
his confirmation. Don't forget, BOTH Democrats and Republicans easily confirmed 
Paulson. However the International Court of Justice did not view his refusal to 
address ever escalating debt and fund payment to be an option for Treasury 
Secretary Paulson, upon repeated refusals to address the call for outstanding 
debt satisfaction.
  Specifically, Paulson's repeated refusal to pay the American 4.5 TRILLION 
debt called by Leo Wanta (see connections to Goldman Sachs and Citibank to name 
a few), were met with no less than a 'do NOT pass GO' in Germany by the 
International Court of Justice during December, while you were distracted by 
Santa ... ho, ho, ho! Wanta’s efforts were key dating back to the Reagan 
Administration but the outstanding debt he refused to funnel or launder, had 
American Officials literally targeting Wanta himself. However despite tax 
claims and physical sidelining, the requirement to fund debt, was in Germany 
met by no less than a subpoena issued by the German Government for Paulson 
himself with another for Vice President Cheney forthcoming. For those not 
familiar with Leo Wanta efforts, look no further than your American Highways, 
Bridges, or Amtrak to name but a few.
  Time again, I have received calls regarding the jaded purchases of American 
trusts, streets, parks, and buildings being resold, which came as no surprise. 
The bank consolidations, mergers, acquisitions, and union busting fervor has 
ALL led to the same property theft; the redistribution of debt and assets 
internationally by the global elite and the related destruction of the American 
Dollar. And what was the collateral used for this massive effort, why your 
property interests, of course! With the courts as the implementors to invoke 
the bankers agenda, politicians were all to ready to cash in on the backs of 
  But will anything change in this country? And will it happen quickly enough 
to avoid total economic destruction? Check prices in the housing market, (see 
GA's ranking as number 1 in bankruptcies). Most people have no clue about the 
private corporation printing fiat currency, the Federal Reserve or the CIA 
control of federal as well as local governments. While the effort by 
Regan/Clinton/Bush to float debt and create a 1 world government, using 
American Assets against Americans continues to escalate with an occasional 
Abramoff, Enron, or Saddam sacrifice, to detract from the real play, where will 
this corruption and deception leave the American Economy?
  And with the latest economic revelation UNREPORTED by MAJOR MEDIA, will 
anything change? Without payment, the British Euro will be the currency to have 
or will even the Brits agree to it, while the American Dollar will be worth no 
more than Confederate Notes! Does that explain why a British plane flew Paulson 
out of Germany following his assurances that the debt would be funded? 
Paulson's late arrival to the Ford tribute was NOT unnoticed. But more 
importantly is the ever increasing shift in international monetary markets. In 
addition to UAE Members swift move away from the US Dollar, more voices are 
starting to recognize the willful destruction of safe food supplies, clean 
water, and available resources. Maybe the reliance upon emergency funds 
subverted by executive order controlled by the Treasury Secretary and Fed 
Reserve Head, which reveal a fixed market, will obtain the proper scrutiny 
required for economic survival.
  But when our President moves his property interests to Paraguay, what 
assurance do Americans have of their future or rights? Maybe now you better 
understand the CAI agenda, the CIA/FBI Merger, and the current government 
complicity (all 3 branches), which have been literally obliterating property 
interests in this country. It's time to wake up and demand justice! Otherwise 
1929 was just a warm up, prelude, or intro. Welcome to the "Land of 
Opportunity," being subverted to the detriment of Americans!
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