The IRAQ WAR to date has cost 500 Billion
  where's the 500 BILLION 
  Looted from US Banks and S&Ls ???????
  Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton,  Mr. Gonzales and your answer is ????
  BushCo in Texas from Dallas to Houston TO HUMBLE, Austin and then back to DC 
engaged in MASSIVE REAL ESTATE BASED Bank and S&L Lootings that make the 
Madison and Whitewater CON in Arkansas a DROP IN THE BUCKET.  The simplistic 
technicalities involved in using EXTREMELY WIDESPREAD Land Speculations and 
BOGUS LAND DEVELOPMENT LENDING nack rolled the current BushCo Regime.  Alberto 
Gonzales there along EASTEX 59 at 1960 the Dearbrook Mall and South KINGWOOD is 
literally just across the WEST FORK of the San Jacinto River from Montgomery 
County TX.
  In Seniot US District Court Judge DeAnda's FEDERAL COURT in Houston, JUDSON 
WITHAM exposed more than 600 (SIX HUNDRED)  extremely ILLEGAL Land Development 
CONS.  The PROBLEM was that so many Title Companies, Lawyers, Bankers and the 
Finest Republican BUDDIES of Alberto Gonzales, Former Assistant US Attorney 
Henry Onkin, and Bill Clinton's Campaign Manager in Texas GARY MARUO were 
reaping BILLIONS from the Land Speculation CONS.
  FACT the Arizona Project, the YAZOO Land Frauds, Pine Barrens Frauds, the I 
35 Scandal, the Sharpstown Scandal the S&L and banking Lootings THEY ARE ALL 
  The problem is so deeply rooted that PIECES OF SHIT like FORMER FBI AGENT 
John Connolly was himself involed in EXTORTING folks in Real Estate Deals.
  The OIL CONTRACTS being given to EXXON with World Headquaters in MONTGOMERY 
COUNTY TEXAS over at the WOODLANDS should let you understand ALBERTO GONZALES 
  IF I am a LIAR as many THINK, check some of the FACTS I reveal hear AND KNOW 
THIS the Title Insurance CONS recently being BUSTED by FBI and SECRET SERVICE 
is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG,
  US SECRET SERVICE AGENT  MR RICK WILLIAMS you told me the Secret Service was 
SCRATCHING AT THE SURFACE my only comment is YOU BET YOUR ASS dig a little 
DEEPER and you will understand WHY they call them RED FLAG SUBDIVISIONS.
  Judson Witham
  PS:  Look At The PLAT DEDICATION AFFIDAVITS on the Whitewater, Castle Grande 
and campebello Island Developments AND EXPLAIN TO ME why the TAX ASSESSORS and 
Subdivision Projects SUCH AS the 635 Unrecorded and ILLEGAL ONES  Judson Witham 
EXPOSED in US Judge DeAnda's Federal Court at 515 Rusk in Houston Texas.  Look 
at the AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY's  Legal Descriptions in their 
INSURANCE AGREEMENTS and ASK the FDIC why Judson Witham had to do their JOB and 
why SEWELL & RIGGS did NOT do theirs,
  Judson Witham
My Letter to N.Pelosi-Add your name, Add Crimes + Pass OnTo Everyone !
and email a copy to her (below)

My letter to Pelosi - free to edit and use 
Save and send out once a week


Nancy Pelosi 
2371 Rayburn HOB 
Washington, DC 20515 
Speaker Pelosi, 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, California, 8th District

The American people elected a Democratic majority to restore checks
and balances, the rule of law, and our reputation as a law-abiding
country in the world community. 
These cannot be accomplished unless President George W. Bush and
Vice President Dick Cheney are impeached. Their impeachable offenses
dwarf those that led to proceedings against President Clinton and
President Andrew Johnson, and the threatened proceeding against
President Richard Nixon combined. 
The offenses below are already supported with evidence in the
public record, including admissions of guilt. It is likely that
investigations prior to impeachment would turn up even more. 


Lying to the American people, Congress, and the world about the threat
from Iraq & need for war. 

War of aggression against Iraq, which posed no threat to US. 

Death of over 600,000 Iraqis and over 3,000 troops in unnecessary

"Executing" and exploiting 9/11 for political gain and for war to
benefit oil companies and other cronies. 

Canceling Iraq's oil contracts with foreign companies and giving them to
American corporations and restructuring Iraq's oil industry to their
specification in violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions. 

Awarding no-bid contracts to cronies for rebuilding and oil exploitation
in Iraq. 

Inciting animosity toward the US by attacking Iraq and falsely claiming
it was part of "War on Terror." 

Authorizing the use of torture in violation of the Geneva Convention and
US law and against the advice of the uniformed military. 

Participating in the overthrow of the democratically elected government
of Haiti and attempting to do so in Venezuela. 

Failure to fully cooperate with 9/11 Commission and joint congressional 

inquiry, and refusal to comply with Freedom of Information Act in other
areas as well. 

Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, and opening of mail. 

Issuing signing statements that contradict the plain meaning of
legislation, including on issues of torture. 

Denying Americans and others habeas corpus rights even after Supreme
Court ruled against it. 

Coercing government employees to lie to Congress and the American people
about the cost of Medicare drug benefit, global warning, and toxic
hazard of NYC after 9/11. 

Failure to provide timely aid to Hurricane Katrina victims and
appointing someone with no experience to run FEMA. 

Barring Americans who disagree with the president from public events
paid for with taxpayer money, and forcibly removing some with private
security posing as Secret Service agents. 

Listen to the American people so we can be confident we have a democracy
So Say We All - Americans 
John A. Samuelson
P.O. Box 336
Flagler Bch. Fla 32136

Raimond Berrerra
Washinton D.C.

Phinehas Pratt
Miami, Fl.

Ronnie Gross
Miami, Fl.

Thomas Buyea
Miami, Fl.

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