Hello everyone around the world,
One time a long time ago, someone told me that I take on too
many goals even though I make my work available to the 
entire world.

Maybe he's right.

So now, there are four goals that I am appealing to you
to join forces with me so that we can finally ACHIEVE something
positive in our lives.

If you are an American voter, log onto this Web site
and find your Congress person, and tell him or her that you
want the following:

1. Impeach Bush and Cheney
2. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank
3. End all the wars that the United States is conducting around the world
and, 4. if applicable to your state, abolish the death penalty.

1. Bush has violated his oath of office hundreds of times, and so has Cheney.
They are dictators now, so we have to get them out of office or there 
probably won't be an election next time. Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker
of the House said when the Democrats took control of the Congress that
impeaching Bush is not on the table. That means that she isn't going to
do what more and more of us want. This is why we have to force her to do

I2. If you read history, the US Constitution doesn't say anything about having
a central bank. In fact Thomas Jefferson feared a central bank more than
a standing army, and Andrew Jackson was known as the president who killed
the bank. This is because he knew that it would be a disaster. It is. Here is
another Web site so you can see how the dollar compares with the euro
and how it has compared since the euro was initiated when the two currencies
basically equalled each other. Understand that if the dollar is lower than the
euro, it means that it takes less than $1 to get 1 euro, but if it takes more
than $1 to get 1 euro, then that means that the dollar is worth less than 1
When the dollar is worth nothing, then YOUR currency will be too. This is why
I am sending this message to everyone who is in my Address Book around the
world. THINK how you will live when your money is worth nothing. This is just
what the powers-that-be want folks. Then, they will have YOU right where they
want you. Congress WANTS to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. They just need to 
hear from people.

3. Every war extending back to the French Revolution, has been based on a lie.
Our children are being taught that they are fighting for democracy. This is a
BOLD FACED LIE. They are participating in war to line the pockets of "people"
such as David Rockefeller. He doesn't need any more money. He has enough.
Also, war ultimately depletes the economy of the country in question--namely
the United States, which was, by the way, designated as the nation to carry out
the New World Order when WW 2 ended because of its size.

4. The death penalty is not a deterent to murder; good paying jobs are. This is
what I was taught by my favorite professor, and I know that she knew whereof
she spoke. Moreover, 25% of all inmates are innocent, which includes those who
are on death row. When one of them is put to death, the real killer gets away
with murder, TO POSSIBLY do so again.

For all of you who are not voters, please, I IMPLORE you send correspondence to 
the new Speaker of the House in which you state explicitly that you will boycott
the United States for tourism and products until she carries out these goals:

Honorable Nancy Pelosi
235 Cannon House Building
Washington D.C. 20515-0508

or fax her at 001 (202) 225-4965 or Email her at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If WE as a world can't come together, we will all be doomed. There is a 
minority of
people, who shall go unnamed, who manage to get everything that they want 
they consolidate their power, so HAVE power. WE MUST do that now.

If we can achieve these four items, then, we can go on to achieve more, but it 
is imperative
that we achieve these because if we don't, God help us.

Please pass this to everyone you have in your address book. Together we'll win; 
apart we'll lose.


Arlene Johnson
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