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My 11-year-old grandson is in the system now, not because of anything my 
daughter has done, but because she is a single parent with a son who suffers 
from Pervasive Developmental Disorder with autistic tendencies, a diagnosis 
levied when he was 2-years-old. It has been proved to me that mercury in the 
vaccines is the cause of this condition; some babies can't tolerate the mercury 
with some dying as a result, who were healthy prior to having the shots.

If any of you want to call the caseworker whose name is Mike Clavadetscher, on 
Wednesdays when he is confined to the office, please do. His phone number is 1 
(781)682-0869 in Massachusetts. My grandson's name is Christopher Clemens.

You can also log onto my Web site and go to the 8th edition as there are two 
articles in it on this issue of children being removed from their homes by 
Idaho lawyer Ed Steele that I published.

Could this happen to you? If you live in the US, it could.

The Massachusetts DSS is breaking the law because it is supposed to hold a 
hearing in 72 hours, but NEVER does, and my daughter's
case is no exception. Also, it breaks the law when it has a parent sign a 
Service Plan because it doesn't tell the parent that they are not required to 
do so. If you call, you can say that it is breaking the law, AND you can say 
that if he doesn't close out this case by the middle of February 2007, that I 
will publish it. I have ample documentation to do so.

It's also my understanding that DSS wants to terminate parental rights of 
single mothers in favor of foster parents adopting children where there is a 
mother and father. Is this insane or is it insane?


Arlene Johnson
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