This is really off topic, but I didn't receive my Social Security for February; 
it may be because they know that I am in Europe now.

This is because when I opted out of the Medicare withdrawal because I can't use 
Medicare in Europe, they learned that I was out of the US, EVEN though I told 
the Bangor, Maine office that I was not in the US in 2004 when I knew that I 
would be leaving Canada.

I used to drive down to Saint Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada to get this money 
on my behalf from my previous landlord who lives right across the border in 
Calais, Maine, but knew that once I had moved to Europe that I would not be 
able to do that, so made arrangements to get the money directly deposited into 
my US checking account instead.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I refuse to return to the US. All of you 
should get out in fact.

The US government has totally betrayed me, so I "let" it pay me this money even 
though I am not 65. It's little enough after what horrors it has done to me 
because of what I do for a "living."

I tried to join a YahooGroup that deals with this issue, but have not heard 
from the group.


Arlene Johnson
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