Every time I have tried to reach Stew Webb at both his email addresses, I get a 
fatal error. 

Can anyone send him this Email and have it arrive in his Inbox?

Hello everyone,
I do not write letters to Nancy Pelosi; I ask people to send the DEMANDS for 
the Government page to the Speaker of the House anonymously in which I say that 
we will not visit the United States for tourism and foreigners will not buy the 
products that the states produce until they do what that page says.

Letters do no good at all when one is dealing with a government such as the one 
that we have in Washington D.C. these days.

If Leslie Oliver had ever read my internationally acclaimed e-zine, she would 
have known that because I have been publishing now every three months for SIX 

Moreover, Cathy O'Brien supports my work because she knows just how good it is. 
She thanked me in fact.

Arlene Johnson
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