This is the beginning of the seventh year. It doesn't seem possible, 
does it that I have been bringing you top secret history for that long? 
It will be 6 years tomorrow since I finally was able to launch.

This edition begins the new format, which if you read the last Thesis, 
know that the format would change to that of a newspaper instead of 
proving a Thesis. Yet, the articles are top secret anyway. They are 
just not proven because I hope you realize by now that I don't publish 
deceits.  There are so many people who know that my work is true. If 
you look in the Letters to the Editor in this edition, you'll see two more, 
one in the United States and one in Sweden.

Plus, the government is still trying its hardest to prevent you from reading 
my  editions. There is a woman, whose name shall remain anonymous, who 
literally tried  to censor me. One who receives from her, though, informed 
me about the woman, so now she will not hear from me again. She certainly
is not being sent this announcement though her friends will since they are
now in my Address Book if they want to be in my Address Book.

Now, why would the government not want you to read my work? Because the 
government knows that it is true, and it surely does not want you to know the 
truth so it can maintain the status quo, i.e. war after war and betrayal of your
rights no matter where you live.

People who are wolves in sheep's clothing will say anything to maintain the
status quo. This particular woman said that she wouldn't contact her congress
person to tell him/her what to do because they all are so corrupt. But here is
a quote for all of you that proves that when enough people land hard on those
who wield power, the people will prevail:

"Public pressure ultimately forced Congress to reject the White House 
This came from a post on CIA-drugs listserv, a listserv. 

So I ask you to please read at least the Editorial and the first two articles in
edition. Then, if you want to continue with this edition, you'll learn even 
because one of the later articles ties in with the first article. You'll see.

Now, having said all of this, if you do not want to read my work, just tell me 
you don't want to be in my Address Book, and I will remove you no questions 

My Web site developer put this 25th edition on the same screen with the first 
year's worth of editions, so there is no password for you to have to type in.
I told
him to leave it that way, because the people who want me to have money will pay
me anyway. The password was simply my way of trying to get people to donate or

For the next few days, the editions for 2006 will still be under password 
password is in my signature for anyone who wants to access last year's editions


Arlene Johnson
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