Does anyone know definitively if the US wants the various regions of Kurdistan 
to be united?It doesn't seem logical that it does, but I difer to those who are 
experts in this area of the world instead.
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>>March 20, 2007
>>Turkey Plans Iraq Invasion, Orders All Military Leave Cancelled
>>By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
>>In yet another blow to the Global War aims of the United States, the
>>most militarily powerful Nation in the Middle East, Turkey, has ordered
>>its Military Forces to prepare to invade Iraq.
>>Prime Minister Erdogan, along with the head of Turkey’s Military Forces,
>>General Yasar Buyukanit, have taken this extraordinary step over the
>>United States failure to contain the growing threat of Iraq’s Kurdish
>>population and their fears that the Americans plan to set up an
>>Independent Kurdish Nation.
>>According to Turkish press reports all Military leave in Turkey has been
>>cancelled in preparation for war, and as we can read as reported by
>>Turkey’s Zaman News Service in their report titled "Turkey readying for
>>spring offensive against PKK", and which says:
>> "The leaves of military personnel have been canceled and additional
>> forces have been deployed to the border with Iraq as the military
>> apparently prepares for an operation against the outlawed Kurdistan
>> Workers’ Party (PKK).
>> The measures come amid frustration with US inactivity against the PKK
>> and the expected infiltration of PKK militants from their mountain
>> bases in northern Iraq with the arrival of spring.
>>The military put all troops on alert at the Iraqi border after receiving
>>intelligence reports that the PKK would carry out attacks as the snow
>>melts in mountain passes, thus easing passage from Iraq to Turkey." 
>>The United States has further inflamed the passions of Turkey’s
>>Political and Military Leadership with the American US Congress’ planned
>>adoption of a resolution condemning Turkey’s Armenian Genocide’, to
>>which Turkey has vehemently denied.  
>>Though the American White House and the United States Top Military
>>Leaders have urged the US Congress not to adopt an Armenian Genocide
>>measure their efforts appear to be failing, and to which Turkey has
>>warned will call for the immediate expulsion of all US Military Forces
>>from Turkish soil. 
>>American War Leaders knowing of Turkey’s intention to invade Iraq have,
>>likewise, issued the Turks a warning:
>>"The United States made it clear on Monday that it "certainly" opposed
>>any Turkish military action inside northern Iraq to fight the terrorist
>>Kurdistan Workers Party's presence there.
>>A top Turkish military commander at the weekend reaffirmed Ankara's
>>right under international law to send troops into northern Iraq to
>>attack the PKK terrorists hiding there if it saw fit. "Under
>>international law, Turkey can always take measures against the terrorist
>>organization in northern Iraq if our military needs require it," Army
>>Commander Gen. Ýlker Baþbuð told reporters in Diyarbakýr in the
>>Southeast, the main scene of the PKK terrorism." 
>>As we had, also, warned about in our March 3, 2007 report titled "US
>>Alliance With ‘Cult Of Angels’ Raises Russian War Fears As World Rivers
>>Face Mysterious New Danger", the dangers of Turkey’s confrontation with
>>the United States will result in both Russia and China moving Military
>>Forces into the Middle East to protect their strategic interests, and to
>>which the Americans and their Allies will be forced to respond to.
>>Russian Military Analysts following the desperate moves of the United
>>States to quickly achieve its war goals in the Middle East are reporting
>>today that they concur with the dire estimates of American Military
>>Forces coming from that Western Nation, and as we can read as reported
>>by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "Military Is
>>Ill-Prepared For Other Conflicts", and which says:
>>"Four years after the invasion of Iraq, the high and growing demand for
>>U.S. troops there and in Afghanistan has left ground forces in the
>>United States short of the training, personnel and equipment that would
>>be vital to fight a major ground conflict elsewhere, senior U.S.
>>military and government officials acknowledge.
>>More troubling, the officials say, is that it will take years for the
>>Army and Marine Corps to recover from what some officials privately have
>>called a "death spiral," in which the ever more rapid pace of war-zone
>>rotations has consumed 40 percent of their total gear, wearied troops
>>and left no time to train to fight anything other than the insurgencies
>>now at hand.
>>The risk to the nation is serious and deepening, senior officers warn,
>>because the U.S. military now lacks a large strategic reserve of ground
>>troops ready to respond quickly and decisively to potential foreign
>>crises, whether the internal collapse of Pakistan, a conflict with Iran
>>or an outbreak of war on the Korean Peninsula. Air and naval power can
>>only go so far in compensating for infantry, artillery and other land
>>forces, they said. An immediate concern is that critical Army overseas
>>equipment stocks for use in another conflict have been depleted by the
>>recent troop increases in Iraq, they said.
>>"We have a strategy right now that is outstripping the means to execute
>>it," Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Army chief of staff, testified before the
>>Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday."
>>But the most troubling report of all from the Kremlin relating to these
>>events are those ‘suggestions’ from Russian and Chinese Military
>>Analysts that if war between the East and West is indeed imminent, there
>>is no better time to confront the United States on its own soil then
>>To the American people themselves their remains no evidence at all that
>>they are aware of the horrific war they are now facing, but to which
>>they also seem not to care about.
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>>  Sorcha Faal

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