YUP they just do NOT want the Satellite Images that the BRITISH do NOT have to 
come out. You know, they are sending a THIRD Carrier Group to the GULF OF OIL, 
USS Nimitz
  Hey we can leave IRAQ just in time to let Bush get us into IRAN

Arlene Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          Out of 40 Emails which were in my Inbox today here, 32 of them were 
repeats of the original 8 messages. Also, in my Yahoo account, of the 5 
messages sent, 24 of them were repeats.

Cut it out NSA. Some of these messages are very large so take up a lot of space 
in any given Inbox, and could cause an Inbox to fill up, which would prevent 
other legitimate Email from being delivered.

We're on to you now, so cease and desist.


Arlene Johnson
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