The Spring edition is finally ready for you to read. I have been without my 
computer for 8 weeks with the exception of 1 week after a software crash had 
been repaired by a friend in another country and returned to me, then the Hard 
drive crashed necessitating my taking my Mac to the Apple retailer, which still 
has it now.

This is why I am forced to send this to you with your Email address in the To 
line unless you have specifically requested that I send mail to you in Bcc. 
Please forgive me especially the new people who have provided me with their 
Email address recently.

Along those lines, I'd like to welcome all of the new people who appreciate 
the truth. They are in Greece, Turkey, Algeria, Canada, Norway, Sweden, 
England, and Egypt, and also take this opportunity to say "Hi" to all of those 
who I have been so fortunate to have met while I had to be away from where I 
managed to return. You are like diamonds in my life because you have graced me 
with your Email address, and I so appreciate it because the truth is being 
increasingly hard to come by these days.

The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) is completely free now. 
No password is needed. Just click on the Magazine icon and read away.

Also, I wanted to get this edition out to you because the very last America's
Concerns is very timely. In fact it may be too late now to do anything about 
it, but maybe not. So if you're an American voter, please go straight to the 
last America's Concerns and do what it asks because it is very timely. It has 
to do with the music that soothes  my soul, so thank you in advance if you will 
take care of that.


Arlene Johnson

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