Here are some of the names of people who know that 6 million Jews were not 
gassed to death in concentration camps during WW II. I have sent this to 
various people both in Norway, America, and in Germany. That's why there are so 
many >>> in it.
>>>>>1. Mark Weber, Director IHR, Newport Beach, California
>>>>>2. Dr. Robert Faurisson, French citizen and professor banned from teaching 
>>>>>because he is a revisionist
>>>>>3. Ernst Zundel, German citizen
>>>>>4. Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ernst Zundel's wife
>>>>>5. Vincent Reynouard Fablis, French high school teacher (He lost his job 
>>>>>because he denies the Holocaust.)
>>>>>6. Dr. Robert John, American, Director ICHEE, NYC
>>>>>7. Arthur Topham, Canadian publisher
>>>>>8. Dr. Abdullah Sindi, Ph.D., Saudi Arabian, professor
>>>>>9. David Irving, British Historian, now freed from jail in Austria;
>>>>>10. Michael A. Hoffman, II, American historian
>>>>>11. Gee Temp, Australian-private citizen In fact, it was Gee who told me 
>>>>>that the powers wanted to say that 6 million were gassed to death during 
>>>>>World War I, but decided to wait until WW II ended instead.
>>>>>12. Germar Rudolf, German citizen, engineer in prison now in Germany for 
>>>>>claiming this.
>>>>>13. Pedro Varela, Spanish publisher, re-arrested in Spain for his belief 
>>>>>that they were not gassed
>>>>>14. Fred Leucher, American engineer, expert in electrocution technology 
>>>>>(gas chambers)
>>>>>15. Michael Santomauro, American publisher
>>>>>16. Frederick Dreyer, Professor Emitus, Department of History, Ontario, 
>>>>>17. J. G. Berg, a Holocaust survivor, denies Auschwitz gassing
>>>>>18. Arno Mayer, Jewish Historian
>>>>>19. Carlos Mattogno, Italian, Writer
>>>>>20. Jurgen Graf, German, Writer see (There are 
>>>>>two dots over the u in Jurgen's name.)
>>>>>21. R. H. Countess (deceased)
>>>>>22. Ch. Lindtner
>>>>>23. Arthur Butz, American, Professor, Author of The Hoax of the 20th 
>>>>>Century (This book is about the Holocaust.)
>>>>>24. Charles Provan, World War II Revisionist
>>>>>(Banned by Google Video! Provan is an authority on SS Judge Konrad Morgen. 
>>>>>He discusses anomalies in the official history of the war and the 
>>>>>concentration camps, in light of Morgen's career and legacy. Approx. 50 
>>>>>$ 16.95) The information in this parenthesis is from a DVD from Michael A. 
>>>>>Hoffman, II, who is also a revisionist. See above.
>>>>>25. Frederich Toben, Australian (There are 2 dots over the o in his name.)
>>>>>26. Francois Duprat, teacher, murdered for his belief that the Holocaust 
>>>>>didn't happen
>>>>>27. Ditlieb Felderer, Jewish man
>>>>>28. Brian Renk
>>>>>29. Barbara Kulaszka, Canadian barrister
>>>>>30. Ahmed Rami
>>>>>31. Gerd Housik
>>>>>32. Heinz Koppe
>>>>>33. Maurice Bardeche, Frenchman
>>>>>34. Wilhelm Staglich, (there are 2 dots over the a in his name)
>>>>>35. Udo Walendy
>>>>>36. Enrique Aynat Eknes, Spaniard
>>>>>37. Pierre Guillaume
>>>>>38. Serge Thion
>>>>>39. Henri Roques
>>>>>40. Pierre Marais
>>>>>41. Jean Plantin
>>>>>42. Olga Wormser-Migot, Jewish historian, stated in her Ph.D. dissertation 
>>>>>that Auschwitz was without gas chambers
>>>>>43. Michel de Bouard, French historian
>>>>>44-45. Eric Conan & Henry Rousso, co-authors corroborate Dr. Faurisson 
>>>>>that the gas chambers were fake at Auschwitz in their book entitled, 
>>>>>Vichy, un passé qui ne passe pas (Paris Gallimard, 2001 [1994, 1996]; 
>>>>>English edition: Vichy: an everpresent past, Hanover, New Hampshire and 
>>>>>London, University Press of New England, 1998
>>>>>46. Jean-Claude Pressac changed his mind about the Holocaust
>>>>>47. Jean-Gabriel Cohn Bendit wants the destruction of "those gas chambers 
>>>>>they show tourists" (Liberation, March 5, 1979, p. 4)
>>>>>48. Jacques Baynac, Historian, admitted that finally there is no evidence 
>>>>>that any "Nazi gas chambers" ever existed (LeNouveau Quotidien-deLausanne 
>>>>>Switzerland, 2 September 1996, p 16, and 3 September 1996, p. 14)
>>>>>49. Walter Luftl, Expert on Zyklon B
>>>>50. John Gudenus, Austrian legislature in Upper House of Parliament
>>>>51.Roger Garaudy, Frenchman, author of The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
>>>>52. Fredrick Toeben, Australian
>>>>>I'm sick and tired of not being believed. The pictures of corpses at the 
>>>>>end of WW II were of people who died of famine or typhus, and were used to 
>>>>>convince the gullible that they had been gassed. Even intelligent people 
>>>>>believe photos. The press never showed any other kinds of pictures for a 
>>>>>balanced view such as the movie house at Auschwitz. 
>>>>>The REAL Holocaust will be the one that happens to people who don't know 
>>>>>that this one was fake because the ones who lied about this one will be 
>>>>>able to continue to fool people until they drag them away to kill them.

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