A man named Tim White is calling me a liar in Emails.
So since I know that I don't lie and God knows it too,
that could mean that Tim White is a liar.

Since joining this listserv in 1999 or 2000 at the latest,
I have learned many things from people who post on this
listserv. One of those pieces of information, a Web site,
caused an entire edition to come to fruition, the 3rd,
which I was able to even embellish because of the immense
good fortune that I have been able to amass, so Tim White
is very suspicious to me, and his claiming that he has been
threatened by the CIA doesn't wash with me because anyone
can say anything. That does not make it true.

Now, he has implicated Pam Schuffert when he states that
she helped him escape to Canada, so since I know what someone
else has said about Pam, I feel that she is suspicious too
even though she has provided me with top knotch informtion.

People who are working under cover for either the FBI or CIA
do put out some truth. Because of my immense good fortune,
I am able to sift through to find the truth to international

If you were to log onto my site and read the Testimonials,
except for the one from Noam Chomsky, who I have disrespected
now for a long time, and then go into the editions and read
the Letters to the Editor, you would see how many people
have taken the time to read my work and written to praise me 
for it.

One man who is no longer able to read because he suffers from
macular degeneration, sent me a check for a three year subscription
because he supported my work so much. Another man, Todd Brendan
Fahey sent me $105.00 and promised me $35.00 more if I would
make what he discovered known, the roster of CFR members, so I
did because I knew that this was true. Yet, Tim White says that
Todd is a friend of his.

So the bottom line here is that I really don't care anymore if 
anyone believes me because I know that what I am doing is right
because there are so many people who do believe me that Tim
White's statements are as water off a duck's back.


Arlene Johnson
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