Now, Tim White is entering chat room(s) to state that Dr. Gianni Hayes, Ph.D. 
is CIA, something that I know that is false.

After what Rocky told me as well as one of her friends, and then what Bob 
stated here, it is clear that it is Tim White who is the one who has an 
ulterior motive here, not my friend, Gianni, who has had me on her program, and 
who wants to have me on again.

So, please don't listen to anything that Tim White has to say about Dr. Gianni 
because she is not CIA anymore than I am.

Moreover, if Gianni were CIA, she would not have taken my advice to invite Pam 
Schuffert on again, and she would never have had Pam Schuffert on to begin with 
either for that matter, because Pam Schuffert is not CIA either.

This all began when Tim said that I was a liar, something that I am not, and if 
I were in the United States, I would sue Tim White for libel because I can 
prove that I am not a liar. He managed to get both Gianni and Pam angry with me 
and it is only because I have the truth that I managed to get both of these 
women to know that I am on the side of truth, not lies as the CIA disseminates, 
so our relationship is fine now as a result of the voluminous amount of 
knowledge that I have acquired over the last 24 years of my life.

Because the Illuminati are terrified that the brainwashed American people are 
beginning to see the light now, they are despirate to have the likes of Tim 
White lambast people such as me, but thanks to Rocky's comments, I can deal 
with Tim White now and anyone else who calls me a liar.

Gianni does not lie either. She has no motive to do so. If she makes a mistake, 
that certainly does not classify as a lie, and no one ought to say that she is 
a liar for a mistake, if she even made a mistake.

It is my understanding that Tim has gone on Chat room(s) to say this, but I 
don't know how to access a chat room, but know how to access this listserv, so 
this is my way to correct this foul talk. Dr. Gianni Hayes is not in the CIA. 
Never was, and never will be.


Arlene Johnson
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