Noam Chomsky said that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. Noam Chomsky has been 
disgraced on this listserv, and now Hopsicker said this according to Kris 

> "Oswald shot Kennedy in an act of terrorism on behalf of Castro."

Oswald could not have killed Kennedy because there was a tree blocking his 

Hopsicker appears to me as someone who can live in Florida because he is toting 
the government line. I got out and have been praised for doing so because I 
expose the government's lies and the lies of those who are controlling the 
government with full documentation so the government can't sue me for libel, 
but I have been libeled and slandered by an under cover informant for the FBI, 
and have the documented truth about that too.

The reason why my publication was entitled True Democracy, which is just a 
name, is because the word Demcoracy has a meaning to the vast majority of 
people in the United States. Hardly anyone realizes that it was created as a 
Republic. Most still don't. I became aware that our country was created as a 
Republic after I had become an active publisher. My Web site became active in 
March 2000. The e-zine launched in March 2001, and to international acclaim 
too. It is still being acclaimed internationally too, with one in Houston, TX 
stating that "This is a treasure trove; thank you for sending it."

Effective with the 8th edition, the Library of Congress gave me permission to 
rename my e-zine as The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia 
remained the same in honor of Argentina, the only country to publish the truth 
about the Kennedy assassination) and I have also disseminated the fact that our 
country was created as a Republic, but Tim White stated that I have not. The 
quote by Benjamin Franklin is right on the Table of Contents in one of my 

Now, I really can call him a liar, because if he were on the side of truth, he 
would at  least give me credit for having disseminated that fact.

He is attempting to discredit my work and poison my friends against me, but God 
protects me so I don't fear Tim White as God knows what he is and will 
eventually harm him.

I did not apologize to anyone, because I have done nothing wrong. I actually 
defended Pam Schuffert when I read what Gianni Hayes said, and  advised Gianni 
to have Pam on her radio program, advice that Gianni is taking.

And Gianni wants to have me on her program too, so all is well between the 
three courageous Christian women who want the truth to get out.


Arlene Johnson
Remember, he laughs best who laughs last.

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