Your claim that I disseminate disinformation is unjustified. Just because you 
don't happen to believe something, does not make it untrue.

I have proved everything that I have published, and the few times that I have 
errored, the moment that I learned of my mistake, I had my Web site developer 
correct it. Example of that was who founded Hamas.

The information that I had originally learned was from my Iranian friend who 
knew the shah. Because all of the other information that he had taught me that 
is true, when he taught me that the CIA created Hamas, I believed him.
But I would learn the truth from a woman who lives in NYC, and changed it to 
what she said because I knew that it made logical sense as opposed to what Ali 
taught me, which didn't.

There are people on this listserv who know that my work is true and others 
around the world who do too. One man in Greece who is a friend of mine, said of 
the most recent edition that he was reading saying, "loving  it, loving it" to 
me, and the one who I mentioned in Houston, TX said, "This is a treasure 

Anyone who discredits me is suspect in my mind. Don't succumb to their 
disinformation as it will get you nowhere except, of course, into one of the 
concentration camps there in Oregon where you live.


Arlene Johnson
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