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Date: July 10, 2008 10:18:18 AM PDT
Subject: The Current Crisis Deepens (draft)

La Costa, CA
July 10, 2008
                                      The Current Crisis Deepens
                                            by Richard Scheck

For those honest enough to get beyond denial, the picture emerging from the
current election cycle is truly bleak.

Anyone supporting Barack Obama as the lesser of 2 evils must grasp the fact
that he is as evil as Bush or McCain.

His vote to support FISA, his stated intention to fine tune his Iraq war position and his many flip-flops on issues like NAFTA and public financing should make clear that he represents merely cultural (racial) and generational change
(post-baby-boom) and little else.

For some that may be enough.

For those seeking an end to war, the restoration of Constitutional government, revitalization of our economy and an end to America's hegemonic behavior, Obama represents the continuation of failed policies rather than the radical departure many
of us have wanted for decades.

Scholars like Chalmers Johnson, Peter Dale Scott and Joseph Stiglitz have documented the drift away from the sane policies of the past towards imperial designs that virtually guarantee the political and economic collapse of our
civilization unless a dramatic shift is undertaken.

The FISA vote and the up-coming approval of House Resolution 362 supporting increased sanctions against Iran indicate clearlly that the major parties have learned nothing from previous failures and constitute two wings of one war party.

The time is long past for a co-ordinated response from the left and right in unison against the manipulations and oppressive measures coming from their elected
government officials.

The latest glimmering of hope in this possibility is called Accountability Now--
a focused project to punish FISA supporting Democrats.

It is doubtful this effort will be sufficient to ignite the needed shift towards the formation of a much needed new party but it represents another baby- step in
that direction.

We are in a pre-revolutionary mode now in which a long train of abuses and failures to respond to grievances are forth-coming from a unitary executive and complicit Congress (the latest outrage exemplified by former Senator and McCain economic advisor, Phil Gramm, telling the American people to stop whining).

The feeble but well-meaning attempts at impeachment constitute too little and too late to side-track the American Leviathan that has emerged out of WWII and the Cold War with its penchant for global supremacy thru full- spectrum
dominance, shock and awe tactics and violations of international law.

Ike warned of us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex which is now triumphant in America and has created a quasi-Orwellian landscape run by Homeland Security with excessive surveillence and police state tactics.

Under the delusion of American exceptionalism which serves the same function today as Manifest Destiny did for us in the 19th Century, our leaders continue to posture and threaten other nations thru pre-emptive techniques designed to
intimidate them into compliance with our policies.

McCain is a clear proponent of such Bushian tactics and Obama is as well,
even if in a less obvious or more sophisticated fashion.

His embrace of AIPAC, acceptance of exaggerated claims of an Iranian threat and willingness to attack Pakistan are clear indications that the progressive internationalism of the Democrats is just a different version of US imperialism
from the Republican neocons' militarism.

These foreign policy positions which have been used to evicerate our civil liberties here at home would be destined for failure even if the US economic situation were
significantly stronger.

In the face of serious financial set-backs; a collapsing dollar; huge debt; as well as spiking food, oil and commodity prices our ability to accompish such foolish
designs remains remote.

The rest of the planet is watching our behavior as well and has begun organizing to resist our excesses with such groups as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the newly formed alliance of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the already existing OPEC along with regional groupings that have noticed our weakening
condition and our taking action to protect their interests.

The solution remains clear although elusive: we must give up our pretensions of superiority and return to the humble foreign policy our Founders promoted
along with sound money and economics revitalization.

A new party led by brave folks such as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader needs to form out of the ashes that will soon be all that is left of our
American Empire.

The prospects for that happening are remote; the necessity of it being done
is imperative!

Richard Scheck is a 1971 graduate of Harvard Law School

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