Cold case with links to Bush 41 White House becomes hot again

July 10, 2008 -- A new website has Omaha and other parts of the country talking

The infamous Frankin cover-up of the 1980s may have been relegated to "cold 
case" status by law enforcement. But on the Internet, the case is far from 
cold. A new website, JusticeForJohnnyGosch is dedicated to bringing the child 
sex slave perpetrators to justice.

Franklin is a story of high-level pedophilia, murder, and cover-ups by the FBI 
and CIA.


John "Johnny" David Gosch was kidnapped on September 5, 1982, at age 12, only 
two blocks from his home in West Des Moines, Iowa, while delivering newspapers. 
Soon after, he was drugged, molested, sold, and prostituted.

This was not a random kidnapping. Johnny was clearly targeted; in the weeks 
before the kidnapping, he was photographed near his home. The man who ordered 
his kidnapping has links to the CIA. The identities of many of the perpetrators 
are known, and there are witnesses to these crimes, but NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN 
BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Unfortunately, the FBI has only worked to cover-up details 
of this case. Why?

This is where you can help!

- Get informed.
- Buy the related books.
- Write the media.
- Write your local and national politicians.

Demand justice for Johnny Gosch. No kid in America will be safe until this 

June 14, 2008

I would like to take this time to thank for the 
website focusing on my son. It has been a very long 25 years since my son was 
kidnapped and sold into human trafficking, it is definitely a good feeling to 
have people still remember him. I will try to summarize the past 25 years into 
a few paragraphs.

During the years of investigation there have been many trial and error 
situations as we worked through the clues, tips and pieces of information. I 
have had three private investigators over these years, who have helped 
immensely in constructing this huge puzzle.

One of the major developments has been Paul Bonacci coming forward with the 
information he has shared and we have been able to verify concerning Johnny's 
kidnapping and the guilty parties involved. Paul's information was verified and 
ruled upon in Federal Court in 1999 by Judge Urbom. This was a tremendous 
development, I thought the West Des Moines Police Dept. would follow up with 
investigation, however much to my disappointment, I was told that they were not 
going to do any such thing. Once again, I was left with having to work on yet 
another aspect of this case by myself. I have continued all of these years to 
run a private investigation whenever there was information.

In 2006, the biggest shock of all came when I received the first of hundreds of 
photos of my son. He was bound and gagged in this photo. When I looked at it 
for the first time, I could not get my breath. I took them to the West Des 
Moines Police for investigation, however in a newspaper interview some time 
later, the police department stated “they did not investigate the origin of the 
photos." That is such a shame as they still receive the benefit of my tax 
dollars, so once again I launched into investigation of the photos.

Since 2006, I have been able to find out a great deal. Many/most of the photos 
which have been discovered have been found on a Russian Pedophile Website, 
which contains eight million photos of children. Yes, that is right "EIGHT 
MILLIION." At first I could not believe it either but it is true. Now what is a 
photo of a little boy from West Des Moines doing on a Russian Pedophile/porn 
website?? Who put my son's photo there? What we do know is that these photos 
are part of someone's collection that they have had for many years. Someone has 
kept them for a long time and only recently been making them public on the 

I do not own the website, but am very pleased 
that there is someone who cares enough to not only remember Johnny but to do a 
website with information about his case.

A year ago, I had a report written by Retired FBI Special Agent, Ted Gunderson 
on my website... ... The report contained a reference to 
Robert Wadman, former police chief of Omaha, Nebraska. Wadman called me and 
threatened to sue me if I didn't remove the report. So I removed Ted 
Gunderson's report. However, he continued to call my home and leave messages 
threatening to sue me. Upon the advice of my attorney, I placed a notice on my 
website telling him to stop calling me or I would have no choice but to take 
legal action. The calls stopped for almost a year.... Then on June 6th, 2008, 
he began calling me again on my cell phone and home phone threatening to sue 
me. He apparently thought I owned, as he sent a 
letter addressed to me to the owner of the site. I learned of the letter today, 

I will take steps to protect myself if necessary but hopefully Mr. Wadman will 
realize he has made a huge mistake and stop the phone calls threatening to sue 
me. At the very least, I should receive an apology. This tune is getting "old".

I am just a mother who loves her son very much and have been working three jobs 
to pay for the investigation to find the truth about my son. This investigation 
has taken me down many paths but I have been able to uncover the HOW, WHY AND 
WHO of my son's kidnapping. I was given private information by the former mayor 
of West Des Moines before he died. Information which has given us the remaining 
pieces we needed to complete the puzzle.

Will I ever see legal resolution on this case????? Highly doubt it as there 
still exists the cover up which was set in motion on September 5th, 1982...

Once again, I do thank the owner of for creating 
this website to help me. I only hope that my son is able to see it and know 
that his mother loves him and is still trying.

Noreen Gosch 


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