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> Subject: Trust No One and Nothing (Except Maybe Cockroaches)

> The very fabric of society is breaking down around us.
> What the hell is there left to believe in?
> * Charlie Brooker <http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/charliebrooker>
> * The Guardian <http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian> , Monday 13 July 2009
> * 
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jul/13/charlie-brooker-corrupt-in
> stitutions-faith 
> <http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jul/13/charlie-brooker-corrupt-i
> nstitutions-faith#history-byline>
> It's all gone wrong. Our belief in everything has been shattered by a series
> of shock revelations that have shaken our core to its core. You can't move for
> toppling institutions. Television, the economy, the police, the House of
> Commons, and, most recently, the press ... all revealed to be jam-packed with
> liars and bastards and graspers and bullies and turds.
> And we knew. We knew. But we were deep in denial, like a cuckolded partner who
> knows the sorry truth but tries their best to ignore it.
> Over the last 18 months the spotlight of truth has swung this way and that,
> and one institution after another was suddenly exposed as being precisely as
> rotten as we always thought it was. What's that? Phone-in TV quizzes might a
> bit of con? The economic boom is an unsustainable fantasy? Riot police can be
> a little "handy"? MPs are greedy? The News of the World might have used
> underhand tactics to get a story? What next? Oxygen is flavourless? Cows stink
> at water polo? Children are overrated? We knew all this stuff. We just didn't
> have the details.
> ... This is just one small part of the ongoing, almighty detox of everything.
> There's been such an immense purge, such an exhaustive ethical audit, no one's
> come out clean. There's muck round every arse. But if the media's rotten and
> the government's rotten and the police are rotten and the city's rotten and
> the church is rotten - if life as we know it really is fundamentally rotten -
> what the hell is there left to believe in?
> The internet <http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/internet> . Can we trust in
> that? Of course not. Give it six months and we'll probably discover Google's
> sewn together by orphans in sweatshops. Or that Wi-Fi
> <http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/wifi>  does something horrible to your
> brain, like eating your fondest memories and replacing them with drawings of
> cross-eyed bats and a strong smell of puke. There's surely a great dystopian
> sci-fi novel yet to be written about a world in which it's suddenly discovered
> that wireless broadband signals deaden the human brain, slowly robbing us of
> all emotion, until after 10 years of exposure we're all either rutting in
> stairwells or listlessly reversing our cars over our own offspring with nary
> the merest glimmer of sympathy or pain on our faces.
> What about each other? Society? Can we trust us? Doubt it.
> We're probably not even real, as was revealed in the popular documentary The
> Matrix. That bloke next door? Made of pixels. Your co-workers? Pixels.
> You? One pixel. One measly pixel. You haven't even got shoes, for Christ's
> sake.
> As the very fabric of life breaks down around us, even language itself seems
> unreliable. These words don't make sense. The vowels and consonants you're
> hearing in your mind's ear right now are being generated by mere squiggles on
> a page or screen. Pointless hieroglyphics. Shapes. You're staring at shapes
> and hearing them in your head. When you see the word "trust", can you even
> trust that? Why? It's just shapes!
> Right now all our faith has poured out of the old institutions, and there's
> nowhere left to put it.
> We need new institutions to believe in, and fast. Doesn't matter what they're
> made of. Knit them out of string, wool, anything.  Quickly, quickly.
> Before we start worshipping insects.
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