The following CR has been filed:

6941787 Spuriuos message "DC discovery failed" upon refresh.

I've reproduced this in-house. My understanding is that CIFS server has successfully located a domain controller and the above message is spurious. BTW, your CIFS server wasn't restarting but some changes in the configuration that might have triggered it to refresh.



Ryan John wrote:

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for the response

> From: Natalie Li []
> Sent: Monday, 5 April 2010 6:57 PM
> To: Ryan John
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> Subject: Re: [cifs-discuss] smb server restarting

> smbd: DC discovery failed

> The above message is reported whenever the domain controller discovery process takes longer than 45 seconds (i.e. the current

> timeout value). Seems to me that your CIFS server has been refreshed periodically, but why? Were your changing any CIFS configuration that

> might have triggered a refresh?

Not every 5 minutes. I haven't added any shares for several days now.

> CIFS configuration in cifs-gendiag output looks fine to me. Your network capture, however, doesn't have any DNS traffic so we cannot tell

> what might have gone wrong during DC discovery. Could you please reproduce the DC discovery failure and send us an updated the network

> capture?

This one spans this period:

[ Apr  5 23:29:43 Rereading configuration. ]

[ Apr  5 23:29:44 Executing refresh method (:kill). ]

smbd: DC discovery failed

[ Apr  5 23:34:44 Rereading configuration. ]

[ Apr  5 23:34:44 Executing refresh method (:kill). ]

smbd: DC discovery failed



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