On Sat, Apr 24 at 12:04, Juan Damián Bernabé wrote:
Hi everybody,

I've managed to install a CIFS server on a small windows 7 workgroup
(6 PCs). The server is a P4 2.4GHz with 1G mem @400MHz. This Server
is also a DNS and DHCP server.

The problem is that unexpectly the CIFS server collapse.

CIFS in 2009.06 is broken for 3 or 4 different bug IDs.  With Win7
clients, you'll need one of the modern dev builds for it to work
properly.  (We use b130 and b134 at work, both of which you can get
from genunix.org)

2008.11 is stable for CIFS, but has a bug where Win7 clients can't see
files on network shares from cmd.exe


Eric D. Mudama

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