The only way to access the system via SMB without having to define
a local user is to enable Guest access to a share but that leaves
the share wide open.

How to enable guest access:

If you want to get a basic understanding of different levels of
access control as far as SMB is concerned:


On 04/29/10 02:48 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
running: opensolaris b132
How can I create a share on zfs server where a windows user on my home
lan can access that share with full read/write privs but that user is
not a user on the actual zfs machine.

So far the only user from any windows machines would have been me, but
now I want to give my wife some room on the server for her projects.

I've create the zfs filesystem in the normal way and it has inherited
smbshare on from parent.  I've set the name smbshare=name=zbjp

As the windows lan host is bjp

I'd like for there to be no password involved for her.

I haven't even tried accessing the share from her machine but I know
from my own experience there will be a password prompt.

Any recommendations how to set this up, of if its even advisable at

All the lan machines do set behind a firewall router so there is at
least,  that level of security.

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