We're migrating from a BSD Samba/NFS server to OpenSolaris CIFS/NFS,
using a W2k3 AD Server with MS SFU for auth and user database. Setting
up LDAP with the SFU attributes works fine for NFS, but I cannot
figure out the CIFS side of things. I thought that something like:

svccfg -s svc:/system/idmap setprop
config/ds_name_mapping_enabled=boolean: true
svccfg -s svc:/system/idmap setprop config/ad_unixuser_attr=astring:
svccfg -s svc:/system/idmap setprop config/ad_unixgroup_attr=astring:

would work but, but it does not.

Name-based mapping works, at least for uids, but would be too cumbersome to maintain in our environment.

Has anybody gotten AD idmapping working with SFU?


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