Hi Tim,

I'm pretty sure this is the same problem I had.
For Windows 2008R2, you need to set the lmauth_level to 2
|*# sharectl set -p lmauth_level=2 smb*|

The Microsoft hotfix mentioned there don't seem to apply to R2 (That's what my Windows Admins tell me)


Tim Cook wrote:
I'm running Opensolaris b134.  Just spun up a new 2k8R2 domain controller, and 
am attempting to join my fileserver to the domain with the Administrator 
account (I've tried several accounts, all with domain admin privs, all fail).  
Anyways, these are the messages I get, any ideas?

Jun 17 00:40:54 fserv smbd[651]: [ID 213798 daemon.error] smb_krb5_setpwd: 
Result:  (-46623498)
Jun 17 00:40:54 fserv smbd[651]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] Failed to set 
machine password.
Jun 17 00:40:54 fserv smbd[651]: [ID 871254 daemon.error] smbd: failed joining 
domain.local (UNSUCCESSFUL)

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