Don't use 777.  Both Windows and ZFS are ACL based and using 777
only sets the rwx bits, which is not the same as FullControl.

        chmod A=everyone@:full_set:fd:allow <path>

Where <path> is the file/directory/path you want to modify.

The OpenSolaris team opted to make the gnu utilities the default
rather than the Solaris ones.  You may have to change your $PATH
or explicitly use /bin/chmod and /bin/ls to get the ZFS aware
versions of those utilities.


On 07/ 8/10 01:54 PM, zfsnoob4 wrote:

I am currently using b134 as s file server (zfs). I have the guestok parameter 
set on my file system and it shares correctly without a password. The problem I 
have now is with the file permissions.

I want any user to be able to modify or delete any file from the share from 
windwos (or any cifs client). I've chmoded the file system 777 so users can 
create files, but right now you can't delete anything from windows. I've read 
about the ACL permissions from windows, but I think that will set permissions 
based on who made the file. Does anyone know how to make it so that any file 
can be deleted by any user (ie something equivalent to a 777 file create mask).


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