What OS version are you running?  If you are running snv_134,
it should be okay to use owner@, which would make this appear as:

drwx------+ 64 root     root         131 Aug 12 14:52 /pstaff/home/inmh3

Is there a reason why the user doesn't own his/her own home directory?
Since they have FullControl, they could take ownership if they chose to.
Would it be worth changing the owner to see if that makes a difference?

Do you see any errors in /var/adm/messages?
If not, perhaps turn on debug and see if anything pops up.

Can you provide the output from cifs-gendiag?


On 08/12/10 12:19 PM, MichaelHoy wrote:
The ACL dosen't change before or after the error. Example below.

$ pfexec /usr/bin/ls -lVd /pstaff/home/inmh3
d---------+ 64 root     root         131 Aug 12 14:52 /pstaff/home/inmh3

The ownerships don't change either,  it's simply that I've discovered by trial 
and error that if I reapply the ownership - even though they haven't changed in 
between - it 'fixes' the profile error.

Case in point is this user inmh3. Logs out of Citrix and a couple of hours 
latter tries to log back in. Gets this profile error but access to his personal 
file space is fine i.e. no ownership or ACL issues; even to the TSProfile 
directory itself. We reset the ownership of all the files in the TSProfile 
directory and straight away when he logs in there are no profile errors.

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