Hello everyone. I have a couple of CIFS shares on a OpenSolaris svn_134 filer 
joined to an older Windows 2000 (yes, not 2k3, 2000) Domain.

The issue that I am having is with Windows Group ACLs being applied to a 
folder. It's working for a short time, but overnight it seems to "forget" its 
ACL and it has to be reapplied.

Lets say that I have group1 with some users. There is a folder (folder1) with 
just group1 in the ACL, applied and viewable from the windows security tab. 
There is an application that has a shortcut on the users' desktops. This 
application's binary is actually in folder1. folder1 is under a mapped drive 
and is in the %PATH% of all of the users.

When the users try to start the application, it claims that it cannot find a 
dll which is in folder1. The users can browse into the folder; they can see the 
actual dll in explorer; the group IS still in the ACL according to the security 
tab AND ls -dv, but the application can't seem to get through. That is, until I 
remove and re-add group1 into the ACL for the folder (which is allowing 

This behavior "fixes" the application; it will run and function properly, but 
only until the next day, at which time I have to repeat the removal and 
addition of the group into the ACL.

It might be something that I have configured incorrectly, but it's a fairly 
by-the-book AD-integrated installation. Is there anything that you can think of 
that might cause this behavior or is there any way (other than adding *.debug 
to syslog.conf and tail -f /var/adm/messages) that you guys could tell me to 
help troubleshoot? Thanks in advance.
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