Am 10.09.2010 14:30, schrieb Alan Wright:
> Florian Manschwetus wrote:
>> Does ABE also work for shares?, read as is there a way to have the user
>> see only those shares listed, he could access?
> Not at this time.  ABE is a per share property that is applied
> when the user connects to the share.  At this point, the user
> has already had the opportunity to see the available shares.
> smbautohome shares are an exception.  Each smbautohome share
> is only visible to the appropriate user.
> Alan
This increases the importance of other rfes/bugs
autohomes with previous versions need per user datasets (tested today,
please do not discuss here, that is another topic)
doing so, will limit access to personal share to the user only (my boss
needs its secretary to have here also at least partly access based on acls)
create more datasets would also include having more shares (due to lack
of subpath mounting or how it is correctly called), without advanced
filtering / organization of share view users will have great trouble
navigating here. Maybe the groups could be used to have modern windows
file browsers showing the shares in groups / sections, as they do for
example with printers.


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