On 09/13/10 01:56 PM, 1staid wrote:
Joyce, thank you for your information.
Is there any bug report out I can follow ?
Do you know if this bug affects all windows operating systems (or is it not 
windows related)?

It's smb protocol related.
I believe it will affect all versions of Windows clients accessing
a solaris smb server, with the possible exception of VERY old
versions of windows.

When the end user calls us when the problem pops up, we can't even delete a "parent" 
directory when we create a couple of "empty" directories inside each other.

Do you think this bug/issue is resolved in the solaris express 11 version ? Any 
priority on this issue ?

Sorry, I don't have any info at the moment on when you
can expect a fix. I'll let you know when I have more information.


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