On 09/16/10 08:48 AM, Peter Taps wrote:
> As you know, when we set a zfs property, it overrides the previous
> value. Let's say, I do the following:
> # zfs sharesmb=on mypool/cifs1
> # zfs sharesmb=name=cifs1 mypool/cifs1
> This seems to work. Does it mean that sharesmb=name=cifs1
> automatically implies sharesmb=on?

Yes. anything other than off implies on.

With sharesmb=on, you have shared the dataset as mypool_cifs1
With sharesmb=name=cifs1, you have shared the dataset as cifs1

> Or, should I be doing the following?
> # zfs sharesmb=on,name=cifs1 mypool/cifs1

This is not valid for this option and should result in a message of
the form:

cannot set property ... 'sharesmb' cannot be set to invalid options

The syntax (zfs man page) is:

        sharesmb=on | off | option-list

The options should be listed on the sharemgr man page and I included
notes on using sharesmb in:


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