I have a  Nexenta box that is setup with CIFS and idmapping.  Drive mapping 
(from a WinXP/Win7 workstation) works great when I have a user that is created 
on the domain.  However, when trying to map a drive with a MIGRATED user, I 
always come up with the following error:

Oct  8 12:45:11 nex1 smbd[12888]: [ID 801593 daemon.error] 
smb_idmap_batch_getmappings: Not found
Oct  8 12:45:11 nex1 smbd[12888]: [ID 266262 daemon.error] ADS\testuser: idmap 

Some packet tracing shows the Nexenta box replying with a "bad password" error.

Any clues on resolving this?
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