This doesn't look like anything related to the CIFS Service.
The CIFS Service is essentially a conduit between the network
interface and the file system; it has no cognizance of data
rates.  My suspicion would be a network problem and it would
probably be better to pursue that on networking-discuss.

For troubleshooting: a network monitor (wireshark, netmon,
snoop) might help identify what's going on when the connection
drops out.

I use snv_134 as my base install on my systems and it's been
working well for me.


On 10/27/10 11:19 PM, Muhammed Syyid wrote:
I'm having issues with CIFS
I can copy a large file with decent speeds (50-70 mbps)
but the connection drops out after a certain amount of time (not sure if its 
dependent on the number of gb or a timeout)
It comes back on its own as well

Additionally if i open a folder with a large number of files, it can freeze or 
be very slow as well

On someones suggestion on here, I got an intel nic
Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
(The builtin nic was a realtek based one)

Also I'm running snv_126 (tried doing an inplace update to a newer version 
which failed , decided to wait for 2010.03 , we all know how that went)

Is there anything I can look into to troubleshoot the performance, would an 
update to snv_134 help, any configuration changes?

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