Yes, that is supported.

What you see under .zfs/shares, as the name suggests, are the share
names not the directories which are shared since you're setting an
ACL for the share not for the shared directory.


On 11/19/10 12:47 PM, Rob Nelson wrote:
Yes - let me be clearer, is share-level ACLs supported on both zfs datasets 
(filesystems) and zfs plain directories?

That is a directory that you have created under a zfs dataset, can you have 
share-level acls on a plain zfs directory?

Thanks again,


Share-level ACLs are only supported on ZFS and
currently there
is no plan for supporting it on other file systems.


On 11/19/10 12:00 PM, Rob Nelson wrote:
Quick question:

If you share out through CIFS' a plain directory
(NOT a zfs filesystem) with sharemgr, can you have
share-level ACLs on that share?

If so, what is the mechanism to modify these?  As a
plain directory does not have .zfs/shares directory?


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