Thanks for a great product, it really works well.

The following is not a CIFS problem, only background.
For some time now, we've been running into problems with shares that are 
exported via CIFS and NFSv4
My Solaris systems are running snv_134 and the Linux systems are RedHat 5.5

We've isolated the problem to a known Linux bug: 
We've patched our Linux kernels to try and cope, but we are still running into 
occasional problems, that I can fix by turning off nbmand.

My question is, what are the implications of turning off nbmand locks on a 
user's home directory?
For example:
Can it lead to file corruption?
Are they there, only so that 2 users at the same time can't write to the files?
If it's to block multiple users accessing the file, is it safe in a home 
directory only accessible to one user?

John Ryan

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