On 01/13/11 08:43 AM, Florian Manschwetus wrote:
I have read in your documents that idmu is now supported by
(open?)solaris/ solaris 11? (since which build?), so could you give me
details on howto configure this, especially to have the users available
for logon via ssh and such?

It looks like IDMU support was delivered in snv_124:
6840783 Support IDMU userid and groupid data for joined domain

According to the idmap man page, idmu is enabled by:

svccfg -s idmap setprop config/directory_based_mapping=idmu

The man page says:

         none disables directory-based mapping.

         name enables name-based  mapping  using  the  properties
         described above.

         idmu enables mapping using Microsoft's Identity  Manage-
         ment  for UNIX (IDMU). This Windows component allows the
         administrator to specify a UNIX user ID for each Windows
         user,  mapping the Windows identity to the corresponding
         UNIX identity.  Only  IDMU  data  from  the  domain  the
         Solaris system is a member of is used.

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