Can you capture a trace of the problem?

- Jose

On 01/14/11 12:18 PM, Thomas Goldthorpe wrote:

Oddest item came up in 151a (never seen in 134):

Connect to a share on a server using a name and a supplied credential
from (say) a win7 or winxp client:

map y: \\\share1

now, map to the same server through an alias the server has
(that is, in dns, "foo in cname myserver" exists)

map t: \\\share2 using the exact
same credentials as the first mapping

Start copying into y: a large number of things to keep it busy
and then try to use t:

The connection err's out and is closed.

Thought it might be that service principal name (spn) kind of
thing.... however adding such records breaks things rather than
fixing them.

If all mappings done using same name (alias or not) it always

Ideas why a second connection using an alias would drop? If
you use either one exclusively, it always works, just same time
usage that makes it fail.

Tracing it shows the cifs server sends a fin to the client when
it does this (and is 100% consistent in doing so).

The debug level messages show nothing indicating anything.


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