I have an issue with timestamps on files extracted from archives.

We have a ZFS volume shared over CIFS, accessed by clients on windows

When a user copies files from one folder on the share, to another, the
file will keep its timestamp. As expected.

The same if a user extracts a zip-file, the files will keep their
timestamps from within the archive.

But then, if a user unrar a .rar file (with winrar), all files will have
the current time as timestamp, not the timestamp from within the

My initial hypothesis  was that this is bug in winrar, and told the
users to check their software. 

But this behavior is only on cifs shares on opensolaris/Indiana (tried
both). If users do the exact same operation (unrar files) on shares on
windows server, all files keep their timestamp from within archive.


Anyone with similar experiences? And maybe a workaround? J

Users are annoyed, and will probably request data areas to be moved back
to windows servers.






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