2012-07-21 4:28, Nickeforos пишет:
I can access now smb shares via my android device but only with "guestok".

I m trying to fix the the permissions and napp-it is producing errors
like these:

*1. Trying to create smb password for the user nick:*

smbpasswd -a nick

sudo: smbpasswd: command not found

I believe that in order for the Unix password to be used for the
Kernel CIFS (is that what you're trying to configure, not Samba?)
you have to add the PAM line for the kCIFS module and use the
normal passwd command to redefine the user's password. Then it
is saved in CIFS-compatible format and allows this user to access
this server via CIFS.

For the PAM part, you just add this line to /etc/pam.conf (if
it is not yet there):

other   password required       pam_smb_passwd.so.1     nowarn


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