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Mosque shooting in Riyadh injures three

Published: Sep 3, 2010 00:00 Updated: Sep 3, 2010 00:00 

RIYADH: At least three people were reported injured when gunmen opened fire 
outside a mosque in Riyadh on Wednesday night. However, senior police officials 
told Arab News that only one person was hit.

The shootout, that sent shock waves throughout the local community, took place 
outside the Prince Sultan Mosque. The mosque shooting - the first criminal act 
of its kind to take place during the holy month of Ramadan in the capital - 
happened after taraweeh prayers.

According to reports, the imam and the muezzin of the mosque were also injured. 
It was claimed that both were released after they received medical treatment at 
a clinic, while the third person was hospitalized.

A spokesman from Riyadh Police said two people waiting outside the mosque fired 
on another person coming out after prayers. "According to preliminary 
investigations, it seems to be the case of a personal dispute between the man 
and the shooters," said the spokesman. He reiterated that only one man was 
injured in the shooting.

"The case is in under investigation," said the spokesman, confirming that the 
incident took place outside Prince Sultan Mosque in Riyadh. He also clarified 
that it was not a terrorist act.

The spokesman said the shooters fled the scene in a Camry, leaving worshippers 
terrified. It is not clear whether any arrests have been made.

Riyadh is home to about five million people and has been relatively crime-free 
for the last several years.

There have been regular reports of thefts, snatchings and fraud, but no major 
acts of organized crime or terrorism have been reported in the capital city 
over the past five years.

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