Scholar rejects extremist ideology

Published: Sep 2, 2010 23:53 Updated: Sep 3, 2010 00:49 

JEDDAH: A religious scholar has continued his attack on methods employed by 
advocates of extremist ideologies, leading to a misinterpretation of Islamic 
religious texts in their writings, Al-Watan daily newspaper reported on 

Abdul Aziz Al-Humaidi, who was speaking on the ongoing Humumuna program on 
Saudi Channel 1, said matters that affect the interests of a community or 
nation, such as war and peace, could not be acted on by an individual. Such 
issues are to be resolved by the ruler in consultation with qualified people 
and any decisions are binding on citizens, he said.

That was the model set by the Prophet (peace be upon him) when he used to make 
decisions that affected all of society, he added.

In his capacity as a specialist in Muslim jurisprudence, Al-Humaidi uncovered 
the misleading way in which a proponent of deviant ideology, Abu Muhammad 
Al-Muqaddisi, tried to influence people in his book "Millat Ibrahim." He 
claimed that Al-Muqaddisi particularly targeted countries in the Arab and 
Muslim world facing serious political and economic issues.

In the book, Al-Humaidi said, Al-Muqaddisi erroneously claimed that the Prophet 
used to resort to takfir (declaring someone as an infidel) and call for an 
uncompromising war.

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