Police arrest four burglary suspects

Published: Oct 8, 2010 01:06 Updated: Oct 8, 2010 01:07 

JEDDAH: Four Indonesian nationals were arrested on Wednesday for burgling homes 
in Jeddah.

The four-man gang was involved in home thefts in the Mohammadia, Nahda and 
Naeem districts in north Jeddah.

"The criminals used to jump over villa walls, break into houses through the 
windows and doors and steal anything of value that was light," First Lt. Nawaf 
Al-Bouq of Jeddah police told Arab News.

Officers said all four admitted to their crimes while being interrogated. "They 
took police investigators to all locations which they stole from. Currently all 
of them are in custody while investigations are completed," Al-Bouq said.

If convicted, all of them face lengthy prison sentences or deportation from 
Saudi Arabia.

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