not quite it, not on master branch yet (look for "hdr" branch for recent
rebase) but for some Arch users it worked?


With the already noted exception that mpv needs to be run once and then ran
again before the monitor enters HDR mode, this seems to be working for me
with the following options:

--no-config --target-trc=pq --target-peak=400 --video-output-levels=full
--target-prim=dci-p3 --hdr-compute-peak=yes --gamut-clipping=no
--tone-mapping=mobius --vo=gpu --gpu-api=opengl --gpu-context=drm
--drm-send-hdr-meta=auto --drm-connector=HDMI-A-0

I'm on an arch based system. linux 5.10. AMDGPU. Connected over HDMI to an
Acer XV272U

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