пт, 2 июн. 2023 г., 14:54 Andrea paz <gamberucci.and...@gmail.com>:

> @Stefan Thanks for the hint. I had done the copy/paste from
> bld_appimage.sh which indeed reports the error (@Phyllis: better
> correct this error?).
> The compilation starts but stops with an error.
> I did a new build with the 2 patches. This time the build happens
> without any problems. The zscale plugin is present, but it keeps
> getting the usual error when I change the color parameters.
> PluginFVClient::process_buffer() F_zscale
>   err: Generic error in an external library


You tried to set parameters from down (input) to top?

Sorry, it just seems this plugin/underlaying library  behaves badly if you
set only *some* parameters, because there is no way I know to set them all
in one go (and anyway we can interactively change them individually and
watch result realtime ....)

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