Johannes Sixt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on Wed, 23 May 2007:

> Note that Cinelerra does two tasks: render and display.


> To render, Cinelerra treats the 1440:1080 as square pixels. This is not

> optimal if something you render has both horizontal and vertical extent,

> is driven by only one parameter, like the radius of the radial grandient, a

> radial blur, or the 'feather' radius of the masks. Such things will turn

> ellipses because:


> To display, Cinelerra simply stretches the available pixels to 16:9 ratio.

For captured HDV and SD DV footages it looks like Cinelerra automatically
takes care of scaling. What doesn't look quite clear for me yet, is what
has to be done in Cinelerra for in cam downconverted HDV to anamorphic DV?


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