somebody out there who can bring some light in darkness?

We have a stack of 2 C3750x-24T-S Switches and want to upgrade the IOS to support C3KX-NM-10G. I have successfully upgraded the member to 15.2(4)E2 but i have no success with the master. I have tried several thing, from copy the image to flash via usb/tftp, format the flash and retry the procedure to step by step upgrade... No chance... The last version which runs fine on the master is 15.2(1)E3.

Each boot with a image after 15.2(1)E3 hang after uncompressing/installing and somewhere after a bunch of @@@@@@@@@@@ crossing the screen. I have heard some rumors about switches for european market that can have some problems...

Is there some hope?

Thank you.

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