Hi, all,

I just stumbled into a minor POLA violation here:
(at least I'm astonished ;-)

Core1(config-subif)#int gi4/9.100
Core1(config-subif)#encapsulation dot1Q 100
Command rejected: VLAN 100 cannot be allocated. VLANs 1-1005 are VTP VLANs
VTP mode is client or server and must be changed to Transparent/Off to use 
VLANs 1-1005

Yes, of course. I do have VTP. And a VTP database. Including VLAN 100.
But this is for *switched* ports like so:

int gi4/...
switchport access VLAN 100

int VLAN100
ip address ...

But *router* ports on the same platform should (IMHO) not care
about all of this. I mean, just create the sub-if and attach a tag to
every packet, will ya?

Is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying? Other than moving
the connection in question to a completely different chassis?

Any hints greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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